Ellen and Portia's nude Christmas card is perfection.





Ellen Ellen Ellen Ellen Ellen Ellen Ellen (it’s really fun to say fast, and also we love her).

Ellen Degeneres and wife Portia de Rossi have released their 2014 Christmas card mock-ups.

They never disappoint us.

After the huge (NPI) reaction to Kim Kardashian’s naked magazine cover photos, Ellen and Portia couldn’t resist. In case you missed it (though doubtful) this was the Kim photo:


And this is Ellen and Portia’s card. It reads ‘Happy Holidays and a Shiny New Year’.


Image courtesy of YouTube.


Excellent ribbon work. Their other potential Christmas card (they are choosing between the mock-ups, supposedly) was this one. “Silent Night. Because we don’t have any kids.”





Do you love Ellen and Portia too? Then watch this interview. It’s just… just… sigh.



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