"Children are always watching you." Why this childcare worker's simple advice is going viral.

For many people who work in childcare, it’s far more than just a job. Spending time with children day-in and day-out, early childhood educators are in the unique position of observing behaviour trends first-hand.

For 22-year-old Amanda, this experience has led to an important lesson that she felt compelled to share. On Wednesday, she posted a thread on Twitter, relevant to anyone who works with or is raising children.

“I think one of the most important things I’ve learned about working in childcare is to remember that children are always watching you (even when you don’t think they are),” the thread begins.


Amanda goes on to emphasise how children look up to the adults around them as “role models,” and therefore, it’s crucial to notice the small things that might not seem important to you – but are major milestones for them.


“Our youth should feel like they are valued,” Amanda writes. “They should feel accepted. They should feel safe. They should feel loved. They should feel important.”


“You get what you give. Be patient. Be kind. Be understanding.”

Essentially, Amanda’s advice is for those who work in childcare to be their “best selves everyday at work, [offering] a positive learning environment,” where children feel safe and loved.

Children are absorbing messages from the people around them, even when we don’t notice. While it might be quicker during the work day to do a small task yourself, or look over the fact that a child has done something on their own for the first time, these little moments are crucial. They ultimately build children up into the adult they will become.


Amanda’s post resonated with thousands online. One woman replied, “Thank you. I love this so much. I work in child care as a toddler teacher. We sometimes spend more time with these children than their parents do. What we teach them and how we help them develop impacts them heavily. Our job is more than just a paycheck.”

Another wrote, “Working parents greatly appreciate the work you daycare teachers do. My daughter has learned so much from being around other kids and teachers. It’s good to know she’s in good hands while I can’t be around.”

It’s a simple message, but it carries a lot of weight: the children in your care are always watching, so be mindful of how you interact with them – all the way down to the little things.