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Another MAFS editing fail has been spotted and are they even trying anymore?


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With the amount of editing fails on MAFS Australia 2019, we’re starting to think this is… deliberate.

Do we like seeing producers in the shot? Absolutely.

Do we devour a list of questions that has been edited by the producers? 100%.

Do we like it when it starts to feel like it’s on purpose? Not so much… but still a little.

MAFS Australia are giving the people what they want, and last night was no exception.

During the weekly dinner party, a male producer was spotted “accidentally” lurking in the frame behind Jessika.

MAFS Australia 2019
"No one can see me because I'm wearing black." Image: Channel Nine.
MAFS Australia 2019
"Act casual". Image: Channel Nine.

Hate to break it you sir, but we can literally all see you.


And we think you... wanted us to.

The editing fail follows what appears be an ~unusual~ amount of editing fails during this season of MAFS Australia.

Just last week, a close up of a piece of paper was "accidentally" included in an episode, which appeared to show a producer's edits of what questions were appropriate to ask at Tamara and Dan's home visit.

Dan was placed squarely under the grill via a printed list of prepared questions, and each question had a tick next to it, as though it had been approved by ~someone~ who we strongly suspect is on the Channel 9 payroll.

Watch another MAFS editing fail, where Jessika appears... twice. Post continues after video. 

We also noticed that each reference to a “show” had been crossed out in place of “experiment,” because we are trying to fool viewers into believing these people are honestly looking for love.

Perhaps it is an experiment after all, but the hypotheses is that viewer's like seeing the producers in the shot.

Which we.. do... a little. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯