Radio host Ed Kavalee talks about drinking his wife Tiffiny Hall's breast milk.

Breast milk is a wonderful thing – for babies, and that’s it.

But during a radio segment on 2DayFM on Thursday morning, host Ed Kavalee confessed he’s also partial to a bit of his wife, Tiffiny Hall‘s breast milk.

The couple welcomed their son, Arnold, in September last year.

“I drank some breast milk yesterday,” he mentioned, very casually can we add.

“My wife ordered me. She said, ‘Listen, I’ve been sick, the baby’s a bit unwell, so here, have 10 mils, because it’s full of beautiful antibodies.'”

His candid admission left his co-hosts, Em Rusciano, 39, and Grant Denyer, 40, a little, well, dumbfounded.


But Ed, 38, thought it was all very normal, and couldn’t understand why everyone was making such a big deal out of it.

“She just hands over one of the little bottles that she expresses in, and she goes, ‘Here you go,’ and I drink it,” he continued.

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Having been listening to the whole segment, Ed’s wife, Tiffiny, called in to say she drinks it too – for the antibodies.

“If Ed’s giving Arnie a bottle and he leaves 20 mils, I’m not going to waste that. Right down the hatch!”