10 people on the little thing that had a big impact on their health and fitness.

When you’re starting from scratch, doing something about your health or fitness levels can seem daunting. Or maybe you’ve had the right intentions for a while, but just haven’t found the right activity. Or gym. Or runners.

Stop right there.

You see, you don’t need go straight into a marathon. It doesn’t have to perfect. People recently shared the little thing that made a big impact on their health with Reddit and we’ve rounded up the best of the tips.

The best part? You can start them all as soon as you finish this article.

1.Start off slow.

“Don’t jump into a fad diet or heavy exercise. I lost over 20 kilograms and started by drinking water instead of sugary drinks and walking more,” wrote user KevinW.

2. Say no to sugar.

“The biggest improvement for me (about 45 kilograms lost) was cutting out the majority of sugar, especially processed sugar, which is in everything these days,” wrote one user.

“Soft drinks are huge and same with fast food. There’s six grams of sugar in a Big Mac BUN alone.”

3. Drink a glass of water in the morning.

“When you wake up in the morning drink a large glass of water and spend 10 minutes just stretching before you start getting ready for work/school/whatever,” wrote user Gold8erry.

It will wash away that sluggish feeling and ensure you start the day hydrated.

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4. Quit the beer.

Or whatever is your alcoholic drink of choice.

"I know it's hard, it sucks, good beer is amazing. I quit drinking a few years ago and lost 15 kilograms in two and a half months just by doing that and sweating at work. I have kept the weight off for three years now," wrote user NDoilWalker.

"If you're serious about weight loss, maybe just take a hiatus from drinking until you can get your weight to a manageable level."

5. Don't wait for the motivation.

"A lot of people wait until they feel 'motivated' to get off their ass. Get off your ass, take yourself to the gym or whatever and rinse and repeat. You will find that by starting something will generate the motivation," wrote user combatwombat0311.


"Yes it sucks, no, no-one is looking at you at the gym, and yes EVERYBODY hates going to the gym. If everyone could look good by doing nothing they would."

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6. Ignore the panic.

"There is going to be a period of a few days after your initial YEAH MAN I'M HEALTHY that you lose motivation and you start to panic and realize this is your entire life you're changing," wrote user BlairBubbles who lost about 45 kilograms.

"During those few days you really need to stick to your routine. This is the time most lose motivation and interest. During this time absolutely say no to going out, no to snacks and no to fast foods. After this period passes you then form the 'habit' people talk about where it becomes routine."

7. Walk. All the time.

"Start walking. It’s easy, you can do it anywhere. Other than comfortable shoes there is no gear required," wrote user Northwestsmith.

8. Don't punish yourself.

"If you lose your steam and realize a week has gone by without exercise, or you eat a tonne of pizza in a moment of weakness...DON’T fall victim to 'oh well, I’ve failed so I might as well give up.' Just take it day by day, don’t punish yourself for being human," wrote user soupface2.

9. Give yourself a reality check.

"The best reminder - it took you how many years to put on weight? It will take an equally long time to take it off. Be patient and kind to yourself along the way. It took years to establish 'bad' habits and it takes time to break those habits," wrote user sevans479.

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10. Just do it.

"Today. Right now. It’s Sunday, odds are you don’t need to be doing what you’re doing. Put on some gym shorts and gym shoes and go running. Right now. 10 minutes is better than nothing. Go now," wrote Rivadaviaofficial.

What would you add to the list? Tell us below.