Skipped the gym? Here's a 20 minute, no excuses workout.

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Some days, life throws hurdles that get in the way of your normal workout routine. Other times, you might simply not feel like exercising.

But while it’s fine to take a rest or miss a session once in a while, letting yourself get into the routine of flaking out can become a habit in itself — especially if you’re not doing anything in its place. The solution? A workout that’s quick, effective and easy to do to make up for it.

So whether you slept through your alarm and missed your morning run, or the allure of dinner and Netflix in place of your even spin class was just too tempting, we’ve got the 20 minute no-excuses workout that will make up for your fitness sins.

How it works

Pick It Up personal trainer Michael Genitsaris recommends a workout called ‘Running the Clock’.

“High intensity and resistance-based workouts are effective as they not only help you burn through large amounts of calories and fat in a short time, but they also strengthen your muscles, your heart and your lungs,” he explains.

“This will lead towards a leaner, fitter and healthier you.”

Watch Michael demonstrate some of the key exercises in the workout. (Post continues after video.)

The workout consists of two sets, made up of four rounds of four different exercises.

Set 1

Push ups
Sit ups
High knees

Set 2

Reverse lunges
Mountain climbers
Bicycle kick crunch
Star jumps

For the first round, complete 60 seconds of each exercise with no breaks in between. Then give yourself a 15-30 seconds rest depending on how you’re feeling, although Genitsaris says the less the better. (Post continues after gallery.)

For the second, third and fourth round you complete the same exercises, however the time spent on each exercise drops by 15 seconds each round. So the second round is 45 seconds per exercise, 30 seconds for round three and 15 seconds for round four. Take a break, then repeat the process on the second set.

These exercises are basic body weight movements and should be completed first and foremost with good form. Once you are confident with your strength and ability on each exercise, you can then begin looking at increase your intensity,” advises Genitsaris.

So with no equipment needed and taking just 20 minutes, you’ve now got no excuse. (Sorry!)

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