The extremely graphic video of an ear wax extraction we cannot stop watching.

If you’re squeamish, you might want to look away now.

Footage has emerged of an audiologist in the United Kingdom removing a serious build up of wax from a woman’s ear.

In fact, there was so much wax, the woman was left deaf by the build up in her ear canal, and just in case that wasn’t bad enough, it also gave her a nasty fungal infection.

British audiologist Neel Raithatha – who is also referred to as the ‘Wax Whisperer’ – shared the video on his YouTube channel, and it’s every bit as gross as you’d imagine.

Video via Neel Raithatha

Apparently the woman had years worth of wax build up, which had left her deaf and unable to even wear her hearing aid.

Using an endoscope, the video shows Raithatha inspecting the patient’s ear before then scraping away layers of wax and dead skin.

The entire process took Raithatha just over 10 minutes to complete – twice the time it usually takes for him to extract ear wax.

“It would be impossible to self-remove. The client in this case wore a hearing aid which can cause earwax build up as it can prevent the natural migration of earwax out of the ear canal,” Raithatha told Daily Mail.

“It left them completely deafened and the client was also unable to wear her hearing aid as the earwax buildup and infection was causes it to whistle and squeal.

“The patient had a fungal infection, otomycosis, which developed on the dead earwax and skin and also otitis externa of the ear canal and eardrum.”

Although ear wax in small amounts is healthy, containing antibacterial and antifungal properties, which helps protect your ears from water, infection, injury, and foreign bodies, an excessive build up can actually cause problems, and may require removal by a medical professional.

Gross, yet weirdly satisfying.

You can watch the 10 minute video in full, right here.