The internet is suddenly obsessed with this earwax removal video and we can't look away.

I’d like to take a moment to acknowledge the understated heroes. Those who continue to make our world a better place, and ask nothing in return.

It’s the people who, despite the grossness of what their bodies are doing, give permission for someone to film it. 

They make the conscious decision to put mankind, those of us who live for this sh*t, before their own shame and endless embarrassment.

And for that, we thank you.

Furthermore, I’d like to thank the random with the camera, who holds it still and in focus, like a goddamn legend.

I… I love you.

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Today, a video that was filmed last year is going viral (watch the best bit above). Allow me to set the scene.

An older gentleman can barely hear anything, so he goes to the doctor to have his ears checked out.

Yes, well. He has more earwax in his ears than I have blood in my body. The doctor asks, “Do you use Q-tips?” to which he replies (after a delayed response because he probably couldn’t hear him properly at first) “… yeah.”

And there’s his problem.

Image via Auburn Medical Group.

Q-tips have been pushing his earwax deeper into his ear cavity, leading to a build up of impacted earwax.

The doctor then irrigates the ear, inserting a solution which softens the wax, and then removes it with tweezers.

"This sort of ear cleaning is satisfying for patient and doctor alike," the YouTube description reads, but what they fail to acknowledge is how satisfying it is for THE THREE MILLION PEOPLE WHO HAVE WATCHED IT.

I just feel so much joy. Image via Auburn Medical Group.

I groaned. With relief.

Following the procedure, the man can hear properly, and all is right in the world.

Especially for those of us who will watch the video again. And again and again.

And again.

You can watch the video in full, here.