Three women share how they style their hair during the week.

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Life is busy. And finding new ways to style your hair can be hard.       

Whenever I look around me – whether it be the bus or at work, other women seem to always have such nice darn hair. 

I’m constantly looking for tips and inspo on new and easy ways to style my hair throughout the week. But it made me wonder: how do other people style their hair and how long do they spend on it? 

So I asked some of my work friends to share exactly how they style their hair, and how they would use the new Dyson Corrale™ straightener to achieve their look. Several of my work friends even said they've made the switch already for good, and got their mums and groups of girlfriends onto it.  

I thought I’d give you an insight into how three of us style our hair, in case it helps inspire you, just like the people I pass on the bus do.


I have naturally wavy, frizzy hair. I fluctuate between wanting to wear it as is and wanting a more sleek, straighter look. 

I usually find that once I straighten my hair, it lasts a good three to four days before I need to touch up. 

Whereas on the weekends, I’ll usually go natural as I’m doing various activities like hiking and swimming that messes up my hair anyway. 

Natural hair before any straightening. Image: Supplied. 


The Dyson Corrale has been an awesome addition to my hair styling regime and makes taming my hair so much easier. 

I usually find it takes around 20 minutes to do my whole head but the Dyson Corrale cuts this down to about 10 minutes which honestly frees up so much more time for me to… spend more time on my makeup. 

In order to get that sleek look, I’ll spray my hair all over with a heat protectant spray and then brush that through my hair. I’ll then section my hair into two parts and start with the bottom. I’ll also use the Dyson brush to help me straighten as I go.


I really loved how the Dyson Corrale is cordless as it means I don’t have to worry about finding a powerpoint and then only half being able to see myself in the mirror because the cord isn’t long enough. If you know, you know. IT’S THE WORST.

I can take it anywhere, including work - which is what I did today as I knew I was going out after work and wanted to straighten my hair. 


The result. Image: Supplied. 

I also love that you can have the Dyson Corrale on a lower heat setting, without compromising the straightening capability. 

Usually, with other hair straighteners I’ve had in the past, when using them on a low heat setting, your hair doesn’t really straighten properly. My hair still kind of just looked like one big poofy mess in that case. Not cute.

But the Dyson Corrale allows me to have it on a lower setting but still achieve a really straight look without all the hair damage you’d get from a high heat setting.

I also noticed how incredibly smooth my hair felt after straightening. It looked a heck of a lot shinier than my usual pre-straightened hair (yay for me), and I thankfully had way fewer flyaways and frizz on the top of my head which typically throws off a good hairstyle for me.


Once I’m finished straightening my hair (I part it in the middle because I’ve heard that’s cool now), I’ll spray my hair with a shine and protect spray that will stop my ‘do from being affected by humidity.

Super happy with my results, will definitely be purchasing and singing its praises to my friend groups about it. 

Lily (me!)

Look, I’ll admit it. I'm not awesome at doing my hair. I’ve never been one of those people who can really ‘nail’ it. Unless I spend hours curling it, it never really seems to do what I want. 

I’m also a bit of a no fuss person when it comes to my hair. It’s really fine, so I feel like I have limited options. 

I have a pretty short, blunt cut bob - so I often just ‘air’ dry it and hope for the best. But that usually turns out a little like this… 

Hello kinky hair, you are not my friend. Image: Supplied. 


Lately my hair has been doing this annoying thing where the ends decide to flick out. The kind that was popular in the '80s, and while it looks cute on some people… I just don’t love it on me. 

Consequently, I’ve been straightening my hair quite a lot. 

My regular go-to look during the week is to wear my hair straight, with the ends curled in. I think the cool kids call this a ‘C curl’ - similar to the Kardashians. Must be cool then, right? I trialled the Dyson Corrale to achieve this look and was very surprised with how easy it was to do.


Hello baby! Image: Supplied. 

The straightener is cordless, so it made it super convenient. I usually do my hair at home, but could happily take this straightener to work or the gym. 

Using the Dyson Corrale took me less than 10 minutes to get the perfect weekday look. 

Which made this lazy girl VERY happy. The other thing I liked, was that I could straighten on a much lower heat than I would normally, and it made my hair feel a lot softer and not at all damaged once I’d styled it. 


‘C shape’ curl perfection. Image: Supplied. 

I have found other straighteners don’t hold my hair for the whole day, but after a full day of running around the office my hair was still as good as new. My hair felt smooth and looked shiner, which is a massive win. I felt like it almost sparkled. I will definitely be using the Dyson Corrale again.



As I have pretty long hair, I spend a lot of time washing and drying it, and don’t have much time or energy left to spend ages styling it. Particularly first thing in the morning.

What frustrated me about my old straighteners is that they wouldn't do the most effective job and I'd have to go over the same section of hair multiple times, which made it too much of an inconvenience, especially before work. This means that most of the time, I was just putting my hair half up or in a ponytail which doesn't look as good on me. 


Straightening and fancy curling has basically become a rarity that I only do before a big night out or special occasion.

First impression was a good one. Image: Supplied. 


Being able to select which temperature I wanted on the Dyson Corrale was a great feature I loved. 

Often I have found other irons have been way too hot all of the time, damaging my hair particularly in the long term, but the Dyson Corrale was so easy to control and didn’t leave me with a lot of broken hairs like with other tools. 

It also felt very comfortable to hold with plates that are big enough to cope with all of my hair, but without making the handle too cumbersome.

The end result was soft, shiny, straightened hair within just a few minutes that looked immaculate without any flyaways.

Flyaways nowhere to be seen. I'm officially obsessed with my Corrale. Image: Supplied. 


The style also held all day, so I looked as good at the end of the work day as when I started (if i do say so myself).

Then came the evening and after a long day in the office, I needed to get ready with minimum fuss for my Friday night in the city.

To mix it up, I like to curl the ends of my hair for a more fun and flirty look for a night out, and this was also really easy to achieve with the Dyson Corrale, especially because it is cordless.

I wouldn't have ranked the cordless feature high on my priority list before using the Dyson Corrale, but now I think it's a necessity. This is such a winning feature for me.

I didn’t have to stand in any uncomfortable positions or stay close to the wall socket; I had the freedom to move my hands and the iron to wherever they needed to be to achieve that perfect curl.

Cordless = incredible feature. Image: Supplied. 


The battery lasted for a really long time, and was super fast when it came to recharging, which is great for those occasions when you’ve forgotten to charge it back up and need it in a hurry.

I would definitely recommend this to any of my friends wanting to upgrade their own hair straighteners or irons. I've made the switch for good now.


I found the different ways Eleanor and Siobhan styled their hair really inspired me. From shiny, sleek, straight locks to bouncy and luxurious curls, the Dyson Corrale straightener really can do it all. After putting the new tool to the test, and chatting to Siobhan and Ellie about how they style their hair, I feel much more confident and empowered to mix up my daily hair styles, and have decided to make the switch. 

Big. Move. But the results spoke for themselves really.

I might even curl my hair tomorrow, just for work, because why not?

Feature Image: Supplied.

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