There are always drinks in their hands. But how drunk are the Bachelorettes allowed to get?

Bottoms up.

Ever watch an awkward confrontation between two women on The Bachelor and tell your mate, glass in hand, ‘I would never, ever do that if I were a contestant’?

Well, you might if you’re sozzled. And it sounds like there’s a good chance you would be if you were on the show.

It’s been reported that the producers give the Bachie’s pool of potential soulmates “an ample supply of alcohol” to nudge along those little personality quirks and really let them shine, former bachelorette Kara Bramham told OK! Magazine.

Kara reckons the girls get boozed, courtesy of the producers.

“I was always of the impression that people’s personalities and confidence come out when alcohol is involved, so this was a major aspect of cocktail parties,” Kara said.

“We were even given espresso martinis and shots.”

That’s one way to get the party started (and create ratings GOLD).

Alcohol rage… makes my face go like this.

Kara told the magazine the directive was to get “tipsy”, rather than rollicking drunk. But that balanced buzz could be hard to maintain, with cocktail parties sometimes filmed over three nights and edited to appear as just one.

And with the amount of drinking that’s taken place over the first three episodes, there might be a few ladies in need of a detox by the end of the season.

Dutch courage at its finest.

Larger-than-life contestant Sandra’s strange first-episode attack on bachelorette Reshael after she refused to talk about any of the women she had literally just met, was largely attributed to grog by viewers on social media.

Guess that glass was filled with apple juice, hey Sandy?

But the 27-year-old teacher told News Limited she was stone-cold sober. Wowee.

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