From nose hairs to adult acne, here are 6 relatable beauty tips from angel Drew Barrymore.

In a world full of intimidating YouTube makeup tutorials, Drew Barrymore’s Instagram is the relatable source of beauty tips we deserve.

The actress and founder of cult budget beauty brand Flower (which you can buy in Australia at Chemist Warehouse) has always been a delight, but in case you didn’t know, her social media video content will make you feel lighter, well-informed and better about the world.

But today, we want to focus on her beauty tutorial videos that are 100 per cent worth a watch.

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Sharing a bunch of quick beauty videos on IGTV as a part of her #BeautyJunkieWeek series this week, Drew tackles the big dilemmas from how to get rid of nose hairs to the best way to make a pimple you shouldn’t have squeezed not look like it’s infected.

The movie star’s beauty advice is genuinely helpful, funny and always candid — you won’t see any hectic contouring, baking or 12-step skincare routines here.

Below, we’ve recapped the top six makeup and skincare hacks in Drew’s beauty routine that are worth adopting into your own. You’re welcome.

1. The solution to nose hairs that stick out.


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Here are a few of my tips for keeping nose hairs at bay – all you need are go-to beauty staples from @tweezerman and @qtips !!

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Bless sweet angel Drew for talking about nose hairs. We all have them and sometimes, they poke out.

And when they do, and if they bother you, Drew has a brilliant hack for trimming them without A) cutting yourself and B) taking the whole lot out. (Nose hairs exist to filter out bad stuff in the air, after all.)

She suggests buying a pair of small nail scissors, specifically a pair that are curved at the end like these $8.99 Beauty Essentials Curved Nail Scissors ones from Priceline. The curved blade lets you trim away at hairs around the natural shape of your nostrils without poking or cutting yourself. And when you’re done, another great trick from Drew is to grab a cotton bud, dampen it (in your mouth or under water) and run it around the edge of your nostrils to clean up any stray cuttings. Genius.

2. A wonder product for managing adult acne.


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with help from @caudalie Purifying Mask! Thanks for the tip @lotstar my fellow #BeautyJunkie

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In this video, Drew laments the joys of being 45 with “the skin of a prepubescent boy”.

Her tip for dealing with annoying bouts of adult acne? The Caudalie Purifying Mask, $48.

This product is a white clay mask said to absorb impurities, tighten the appearance of pore and reduce breakouts. On the nights Drew feels like her skin is regressing to being a teenager, she applies a thick layer around the most affected areas (think chin, jawline and around the nose). Then, wash off after 10 minutes and you’re done!

3. A trick for treating angry spot breakouts.


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I’m using ice as a quick home remedy to treat mine. #Visine works too!

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Drew also shared another great breakout hack. This time, it’s for pimples you’ve already popped, against your better judgment.

To keep a freshly popped pimple from transforming into an angry, infected volcano, hold an ice cube over the spot. It won’t make the problem disappear, but the cold temperature will help reduce inflammation by the time you wake up in the morning.

Then, as an additional step, you can pop a tiny bit of an eye drop product on the area to bring down any redness. Drew’s go-to is the Visine Advanced Relief Eye Drops, $8.49.


4. Drew’s favourite eye cream that doubles as concealer.

Now, this hack is gooooood.

According to Drew, the Olay Eyes Ultimate Eye Cream is not just an eye cream. It’s also a lovely sheer concealer.

The $48.99 product features a light gel formula that works to depuff and brighten dark circles. More than that, Drew reckons its peachy and pearlescent colour can double as a very light coverage concealer (if you have a lighter skin tone) for days when you don’t want a full coverage finish.

And the best news is you can almost always buy it on sale at the chemist.

5. The only resurfacing skin treatment Drew uses.


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I’ve been using this product 1-2 times a week at night and love the results! #cultclassic #SundayRiley

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Onto a more expensive product Drew says it 100 per cent worth it: the Sunday Riley Good Genes Lactic Acid Treatment.

At $136, she ain’t cheap. That said, Drew believes it’s the only AHA (alpha hydroxy acid) product out there that delivers a noticeable brightening and tightening effect for her skin.

This product contains Lactic Acid, one of the most gentle AHAs available. It works by gently exfoliating dead skin cells and related congestion for a clearer complexion and improved skin texture.

As with any AHA product, only use this one at night, two to three times a week. And more importantly, wear an SPF 50+ facial sunscreen every day to prevent further damage because by not doing so, you might as well tip this $136 serum down the drain. #RealTalk

6. It’s OK to love wearing makeup.


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A full face of FLOWER! All FLOWER, all the time. #FLOWERBeauty

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Finally, for anyone who grapples the complexities of the relationship we have with makeup (i.e. am I a bad feminist if I like the way I look with makeup better than without?), Drew reminds us with this quote that it’s actually having the choice that matters.

“Sometimes, I forget the power of makeup. A lot of us don’t have time to get ready how we want every day, and that’s the realities of life, but when you take the time, I really believe the result is shocking. I can’t explain the awakening, revitalisation and excitement I have to remember I am a woman who wears makeup, loves makeup and feels its transformative power.”

So, thank you, Drew, for always keeping it real on Instagram. And please, keep the relatable beauty videos coming!

Would you try any of Drew Barrymore’s beauty tips? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below. Feature image: Instagram/@drewbarrymore.

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