The bargain face mask that legit changed my skin in 15 minutes.

I’m turning 36 in a few weeks. Which is fine. It’s fiiiiiine.

No, honestly, I’ve actually come to peace with getting older. I freaked out when I had to leave my 20s behind, but as each year in my 30s ticks over I seem to be able to focus a little less on the ageing part and instead enjoy the wisdom and experience getting older brings. #blessed

But the one part about getting older I’ll continue to fight is what it does to my face. I’ll happily give up late nights out and even really high heels, but I will not succumb to the affects of gravity, glycation or my slowing collagen production.

Enter, beauty products. I love skincare because it makes me feel good. But also because it works.

Take the weekend just gone for example. The humidity in Sydney had suddenly dropped and I was feeling the full effects of raging PMS simultaneously. Both these things meant my skin felt a little rough, I had a few spots and overall it just looked…blurgh.

I was going to dinner and a show with my husband so needed a pick me up, stat.

I had heard great things about the Dr LeWinn’s Reversaderm range and so decided it was as good a time as any to give the Enzymatic Detoxifying Mask a whirl.

Make me glow, please, little tube. Image: supplied

The mask is designed to help resurface and nourish sensitive, aged or sun damaged skin (me, me and me) and visibly reduce fine lines and pore size for intense rejuvenation and smoother, brighter, healthier skin.


I cleansed and dried my face, then swiped on a generous amount of the cream. It comes out of the tube a very pale purple colour but basically turns clear. Then I hung up my clean washing for about 20 minutes while it did its thing.

The first few minutes I could feel a very mild tingling, but once that subsided I forgot I had the mask on. When time was up I jumped in the shower and rinsed it off with water (but didn't cleanse again).

Out of the shower I could feel my skin was smoother by touching it. When it was time to get ready to go out I skipped foundation, instead just opting for CC cream and bronzer as my base (with a little under eye concealer because mid 30s).

I was so stoked with how glowly my complexion looked and how fast I was able to do my makeup. The mask makes a great first step for prepping skin for an event (or for life).

The Dr LeWinn’s Reversaderm Enzymatic Detoxifying Mask is currently $35 for two tubes on Mamamia Shopping.

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