The bizarre sex question a woman asked Dr Karl on radio that left him lost for words.


Dr Karl Kruszelnicki is Triple J‘s resident scientist.

Every Thursday, people from all across Australia call in to ask the 70-year-old public intellectual a plethora of questions during his popular segment.

Callers ask, why do some farts smell while others don’t? Why do all old people smell the same? Is fire red? THE PEOPLE NEED TO KNOW, KARL.

Nonetheless, Karl, more often than not, has an answer.

He searches through the encyclopedia he calls his brain, teaching Australians something new and usually completely wacky on a weekly basis.

However this time, Dr Karl received a phone call during the segment that left him uncharacteristically lost for words.


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See, a woman called in with a rather, erm, personal sex question.

The caller wanted to know why, whenever she gave her husband oral sex, she went temporarily deaf.

Sorry, WHAT?

She explained that whenever her husband’s penis hit the back of her throat, she would lose the ability to hear.

Well, that’s new.

Even Dr Karl was struggling to respond to the super niche question that he hadn’t come across before.

Surprisingly though, other women have experienced the same occurrence, Dr Karl told

“So I asked my girlfriends if they experienced it with their partners and it happened to them too,” Dr Karl told the publication.

After mulling over the question over time, he finally came up with a theory that, granted, bears no proof.

“What I’m suggesting is that the penis pushing against the back of the throat pushes against the Eustachian tube and closes it off. It compresses the air on the inner side of the eardrum, so suddenly because of the air on the inner side of the eardrum, instead of being completely floppy it is now more stiff. It doesn’t move so easily when the airwaves push on it so you go temporarily deaf,” he said.

Ah, yes. That sounds about right.