The next big face of the modelling world is 4 years old.

There is a new back-to-school campaign from the US that’s making many people smile.

It’s by a shoe label called Livie & Luca.

The model in the campaign is four-year-old Cora Slocum, and Cora happens to have Down Syndrome.

The reason behind the campaign is simple – the designers felt like existing back-to-school campaigns catered to a very specific type of child; one that didn’t look like the 13 per cent of students going to school with a disability.

For this campaign, Livie & Luca worked with a company called Changing The Face of Beauty, which is a not-for-profit organisation that works towards including people with disabilities in general advertising.

The president of Changing The Face of Beauty, Katie Driscoll, has a child with Down Syndrome and was exasperated by the lack of back-to-school campaigns targeted to those with disabilities.

The campaign generated a hashtag, #ImGoingBackToSchoolToo, and has spurred other children to post their first-day selfies in support of the back-to-school movement.

You can click through the gallery below to see some of the photos contributed to the hashtag. Post continues after gallery.


To donate to Changing The Face of Beauty, click here.

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