All your favourite daggy looks are now officially on trend.

Admire her or not, Kendall Jenner isn’t someone you’d ever describe as daggy.

The ‘internet it girl’ (Vogue‘s words, not mine) is rarely seen without her designer threads and has modelled for every major fashion house you can think of.

However, she set foot in daggy territory last Sunday when she attended the Cannes Film Festival in socks and sandals. Yes, the combination beloved by American tourists and dads.

I see you, socks. (Getty)

OK, socks and stiletto sandals to be more specific.

Let's get a closer look:

Not so daggy now. (Getty)

Of course, one person does not a trend make, but Kendall's not going it alone.

The socks and sandals combo has also appeared on a Valentino runway in New York this week:


and on plenty of style-focused Instagram accounts:

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Yep, this is happening. Which is wonderful news for those of us who've been wanting to continue wearing our sandals/clogs/open toed heels through the colder months.


In even better news, socks and sandals isn't the only classically daggy look the style gods have now deemed en vogue. 

Here are some other once-dorky items you can now get away with — and if anyone dares to question you, just give them a withering look and say, "It's fashion, look it up".

Bum bags and belt bags

When a handful of stores began selling bum bags a few months back, we all brushed it off as a gimmick. 'Surely not,' we scoffed. 'This has to be a joke.'

Well, nobody's laughing now — the bum bag, possibly the dorkiest accessory of all, is now cool. Here's Mamamia founder Mia Freedman rocking hers:


The Guardian says we largely have Gucci to thank for this resurgence, though serial dag offender Kendall Jenner was seen wearing a Chanel one earlier this year. But more affordable versions are also selling like hotcakes on Asos.

The bum bag's slightly more chic cousin, the belt bag, is also back in a big way.

the joy of less // a life filled with more adventure, happiness, wholeness, and joy in exchange for less stuff. #whywedoit

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Dorky reputation aside, the return of the bum bag should have us cheering. They're really bloody convenient —  totally hands-free, room for the essentials, and near impossible to pickpocket.


Birkenstock sandals are many things — comfortable and long-lasting among them — but for a long time, 'fashionable' was not on the list. The shoes were about as daggy as it gets (again, favoured by tourists).

Now, that's all changed. You can't take a leisurely scroll through Instagram without seeing an influencer/street style star wearing a pair. The metallic ones are particularly hip.


Again, this is a good thing — everyone needs comfy shoes in their life, and if they're considered stylish that's a happy bonus.

At this point, you can probably even wear them with socks and not get any sideways looks.

Listen: The fashion research absolutely nobody asked for. (Post continues.)

'Mom jeans'

Ah yes, the 'mom jean'.

Even if your own mother has never worn a pair of jeans in this style, you can probably appreciate the extreme levels of dagginess the nickname implies:

The ladies of SNL nailed it.

After years of pouring ourselves into skin-tight skinny jeans, the thought of something a little more forgiving - i.e. food baby accommodating - is an appealing one.

Luckily, the fashion world was one step ahead of us.

The high-waisted, slightly loose-fitting, tapered cut has become a firm favourite among the street style crowd and has been spotted on various celebrities. Go forth and get your mom on.

Mom jeanden vazgeçemeyenler ✌???????? #momjeans#michaelkors#zara

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Pool slides

In yet another case of fashion history repeating itself in a way nobody expected, the pool slide has made a triumphant comeback.

First popularised by sportswear brands like adidas and Nike, the slide was then relegated to 'slopping around the house with trackpants' status. Now, it's everywhere, which is a win for anyone who swears by flat shoes.

A pair of adidas slides at Paris Fashion Week 2016. (Getty)

Jeans and joggers

Once upon a time, being spotted wearing joggers and jeans at the same time - like when you were walking to work, for instance - was mortifying.

These days, the look is no longer purely associated with Jerry Seinfeld. It made a tentative comeback via the Normcore trend, then jumped right back into the fashion deep end. Even the Duchess of Cambridge is on board:

If it's good enough for Kate... (Getty)

That should be all the evidence you need to go ahead and get your dag on.

What's a 'daggy' trend you love?