The Florida shooting victims have been labelled "crisis actors" in a disgusting conspiracy video.

The Florida high school students who watched their classmates die last Wednesday and came close to dying, themselves, are igniting the gun debate across America.

Not only are they doing so through a fog of grief for their lost friends. As well as through hot, blistering anger at the former student who opened fire at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, killing 17 and injuring several others.

But they are pushing forward, even as they’re being called liars by YouTube trolls.

Similar to what occurred following the 2012 Sandy Hook massacre in Connecticut, in which 20 primary school students were killed, far right conspiracy theorists are suggesting the Florida shooting never happened and the enraged students-come-activist are “crisis actors” planted by the left.

Amelia Lester explains why the Florida school shooting aftermath felt different to that of any shooting before it. Post continues after. 

The supposed end goal of this “crisis acting”? To take away guns from the American people and, in doing so, strip them of their freedom.

The No. 1 trending video on YouTube today – before it was taken down by the site – was from conspiracy theorists calling 17-year-old David Hogg an “actor”. A video, New York Media reports, that was “liked” by Donald Trump Jr (a claim that has also been confirmed by CNN). 


Hogg has been especially targeted by these damaging messages because his father used to work as an FBI agent. Luckily, he is an eloquent and impassioned speaker who was not afraid to front the media  – yet again – to deny the ludicrous claims.

Watch David Hogg slam the conspiracy theory in the video below.

“I’m not an actor in any sense, shape, way, or form,” the 17-year-old told CNN’s Anderson Cooper, sitting alongside his dad Kevin. “I am the son of a former FBI agent and that is true.”

“It is also true that I go to Stoneman Douglas high school and I was a witness to this. I’m not a crisis actor. I’m somebody who had to witness this and live through this and I continue to have to do that.”

And just like that, these students are – once again – showing immense bravery and perseverance following an act of horror that’s been made worse by those who show neither empathy nor common sense.