Voting in NSW tomorrow? Here's what Dominic Perrottet and Chris Minns are promising on the issues you care about most.

As we edge closer and closer to the state election, NSW residents are gearing up to decide who they want to vote for. 

Between the two major parties - NSW Liberals and NSW Labor - there are plenty of promises and pledges of action. And it can be a little overwhelming to find out where they actually stand on the issues you care about most.

According to the audience and survey data we've collected, there are five key issues determining how NSW women from our Mamamia audience will vote. Cost of living, climate change action, health and hospital funding, action on family violence and rental crisis management all came in on top as the issues Mamamia's audience care about. 

So, we decided to ask Chris Minns and Dominic Perrottet where their political parties actually stand on these issues.

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Here's what the Leader of the Opposition, Chris Minns, said to Mamamia about Labor's plans if they win the upcoming state election.

What NSW Labor plans to do on cost of living.

"Under the Liberals, tolls, taxes, fees, fines and charges are all up. And the Liberals' addiction to privatisation has left the people of NSW vulnerable to severe price shocks. Labor will deliver much-needed and urgent cost of living relief, with a cap on tolls, and an energy rebate for 1.6 million households. We will also protect our state assets from privatisation," Chris Minns said to Mamamia


Further plan on tolls:

  • A $60 cap on tolls each week, beginning 1 January 2024. 
  • Charges above the cap will be refunded to drivers quarterly.

Further plan on energy relief:

  • $485 million Energy Relief Fund. Will provide energy cost crisis relief for families and small businesses.
  • 1.6 million households will see $250 cut off their electricity bills, and another $250 when matched by the Commonwealth Government – for a total of $500. 
  • 320,000 small businesses will have $315 directly off of their electricity bills – another $315 when matched by the Commonwealth Government – for a total of $630.

What the NSW Labor Party plans to action on climate change.

"We will legislate emissions reduction targets of 50 per cent by 2030 and net zero by 2050. We will back that with the creation of a Net Zero Commission that will inform, advise and guide the decisions of government to ensure that NSW gets to net zero." 

  • Create the NSW Energy Security Corporation – accelerate investment in renewable energy assets and new community batteries. 
  • Create two new regional parks: Wolli Creek and Georges River Koala National park.

What NSW Labor plans to do on health and hospital funding.

"Our healthcare system is in crisis. Only NSW Labor has a plan to rebuild our health workforce by introducing enforceable minimum Safe Staffing Levels and hiring an additional 500 paramedics in rural and regional NSW," Chris Minns said.

Further plans:

  • Invest $76 million in health study subsidies to attract staff and retain talent in the NSW public health system. 
  • Students undertaking a healthcare degree will be eligible for a subsidy on their study expenses if they commit to working a minimum of five years in the NSW public health system. 
  • Introduce minimum and enforceable safe staffing levels to public hospitals, starting with emergency departments.
  • 1,200 nurses and midwives will be recruited into the system.
  • $19.5 million over three years to fund an additional 29 McGrath Breast Care nurses.
  • Boost funding for Women's Health Centres to $100 million over five years.
  • Ban on LGBTQ+ conversion practices in NSW. Labor would prohibit the practice and work with survivors and all other stakeholders to develop the legislation that works in NSW. 
  • $70 million to build three new helicopter ambulance bases, to reduce emergency health response times in regional and rural NSW.
  • Recruit 500 additional regional and rural paramedics in the first term. 

What NSW Labor plans to action on family violence.

"A NSW Labor Government will increase funding to NSW Sexual Violence Helpline. Current underfunding means almost one in three calls currently go unanswered, which is unacceptable," Chris Minns said to Mamamia.

"We will also double the funding of Women's Health Centres and establish a new multicultural domestic and family violence centre in South West Sydney."

Further plans:

  • $923,000 a year to the NSW Sexual Violence Helpline to provide critical 24/7 state-wide specialist counselling services. 
  • Introduce longer-term five-year funding arrangements for key community service providers, including domestic support services. 
  • Victims of DV will be treated as a First Home Buyer. No stamp duty on properties under $800,000 and exemptions up to $1 million.  
  • A new specialist multicultural domestic and family violence centre in South Western Sydney for migrant and refugee women. 
  • Double the funding of Women's Health Centres. 
  • $8.2 million for Lifeline over five years to increase text and web chat services. 

What NSW Labor plans to do for management of the state's rental crisis.

"NSW is in the midst of a rental crisis. NSW Labor will deliver real reform to renters by banning secret rent bidding and no ground evictions. We'll ensure that the right policy settings are in place to protect tenants and will create a Rental Commissioner," said Chris Minns. 

Further plans:  

  • Protect tenants from unfair evictions by requiring them to be given a lawful reason for terminating their lease.
  • Ban the practice of secret rent-bidding.
  • Implement a Portable Bond Scheme to allow tenants to apply their current bond to their next lease.
  • Making things easier for renters with pets.
  • A $30 million Build-to-Rent project on the South Coast to boost regional rental supply.   

Mamamia also spoke to current NSW Premier Dominic Perrottet, asking what the Liberal Party's plans are if they win the upcoming state election.

What NSW Liberals plan to do on cost of living.

"We know people are feeling the pinch right now, which is why our NSW Liberal and Nationals Government has already delivered $7 billion in cost of living measures," Premier Dominic Perrottet said.

Further plans:

  • A commitment to families and businesses across the state.
  • Continuation of the more than 70 rebates like the $250 energy rebate, toll relief program, small business rebate, our active kids and creative kids vouchers, regional seniors travel card, first lap swim vouchers, solar for low-income households program and more.
  • No new taxes in the next term of government. 

What NSW Liberals plan to action on climate change.

"In 2016, the NSW Liberal and Nationals Government was one of the first jurisdictions in the world to commit to net zero emissions by 2050 just as the Paris Agreement was coming into force. Since then, we have set targets of 50 per cent by 2030 and 70 per cent by 2035, which we are on track to meet," Perrottet said. 

Further plans:

  • Build on existing energy and climate policies and reduce the cost of energy, including capping the price of coal – which has contributed to a 40 per cent reduction in future electricity prices for next year. 
  • Build 30,000 electric vehicle chargers by 2026.
  • $1.5 billion Clean Energy Superpower Fund to accelerate the rollout of transmission infrastructure, renewable energy storage like pumped hydro and grid batteries, as well as local energy upgrades like community batteries.

What NSW Liberals plan to do on health and hospital funding.

"As part of the most recent state budget, we committed a record $33.5 billion in health – which is one third of the entire budget and more than any other Australian state or territory. We have a strong track record of delivery, with more than 180 health infrastructure projects delivered across NSW since 2011, and more than 130 projects currently underway," Dominic Perrottet said to Mamamia


Further plans:

  • $1.2 billion invested in critical health infrastructure to build and upgrade 20 hospitals and health facilities. 
  • New integrated community health hubs in Liverpool and Glenfield, as part of a $243 million investment to boost health services across south west Sydney.
  • $7 million in research grants for ovarian and other gynaecological cancers. Includes a $5 million Translational Research Grant and four $500,000 fellowships to support research. 
  • $16.3 million in new endometriosis and pelvic pain services.
  • $2 million invested into counselling and online support services for women and families who suffer the trauma of miscarriage, pregnancy loss and stillbirth. 

What NSW Liberals plans to action on family violence.

"Ensuring everyone across NSW feels safe and secure is a priority for the NSW Liberal and Nationals Government, which is why we have invested a record $787 million in initiatives to prevent domestic, sexual and family violence."

Further plans:

  • $427 million to expand the Core and Cluster initiative, which will deliver and operate new women's refuges.
  • $43.6 million invested into the Safer Pathway program to assist victim-survivors of domestic and family violence.
  • Waiving the Rentstart Bond Loan eligibility criteria for people leaving DV. Access will also be provided to First Home Buyer choice and First Home Buyer Assistance schemes to victim-survivors.
  • A review conducted of all domestic violence-related offences. 
  • Funding allocated to a specialist Domestic and Family Violence List across three local courts as well as five additional magistrates to ensure cases are heard earlier. 

What NSW Liberals plan to do for management of the state's rental crisis.

"The NSW Liberal and Nationals Government's rent reforms will provide greater protections and certainty for renters across the state, while protecting the rights of landlords," Dominic Perrottet said.

"We are supporting renters to get into housing in a fairer way, without stressful bidding wars where people get pushed beyond their comfort levels. Our ban on solicited rent bidding is already improving affordability for those looking for rentals. Our measures will build on existing policies and provide even greater certainty and flexibility for nearly a million renters across NSW – we want to drive housing supply, improve rental affordability and increase home ownership."

Further plans:

  • Moving to a 'reasonable grounds' model for evictions during periodic leases, with the final list of reasonable grounds to be subject to consultation.
  • Extension of notice periods for end-of-fixed-term leases from 30 to 45 days.
  • Introducing a new optional, standard lease agreement with three and five-year terms. 
  • A rental bond rollover scheme to reduce the financial impact associated with moving homes.

Which issues will influence your vote in this state election if you live in NSW? Let us know in the comments below!

Feature Image: Getty/AAP/Chris Minns.

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