Oh. It turns out dog owners are A LOT happier than cat owners.

If you’re the human king or queen to a doggo, it turns out you might actually be happier than those who are servants to a cat.

The General Social Survey, an extensive social sciences study which has been conducted in the US since the 1970s, found that a considerably higher percentage of dog owners find their lives more enjoyable than those who have cats.

Watch: It turns out dogs can actually tell when you’re upset, and they want to help. Post continues after video.

No hate to the cat people out there, but we are not that surprised to learn that people who own a pet that regularly yells at them for food and side-eyes them from the shadows every morning are less stoked with life than those whose fur family member literally wee on the floor with excitement when they come home from holidays.

The 2018 research was released this month, and as reported by The Independent, it found that 36 per cent of dog owners classified themselves as “very happy”, while only 18 per cent of cat owners had the same response. Yikes.

When asked the same question, 28 per cent of people who owned a dog AND cat said they find their lives filled with joy.

The results also showed people with dogs are more likely to be married and own homes, which according to the study are factors known to contribute towards life satisfaction.

The findings supplement another recent study reported by The Independent that found dog owners are fitter, walking up to 1400kms in a year.

Because let’s face it, your cat doesn’t exactly run up and down the hallway, tail wagging with glee when you yell “walkies!”.

But hey, their sassy attitudes are what we love about them, right?