A dog owner lost their pet in their own bathroom.

When it comes to your pet dog, they’re usually not difficult to spot. If they’re not on top of you trying to lick your face, you can hear their distinct bark as they chase birds outside.

So when one Reddit user proclaimed their dog missing after entering the bathroom with them, we were intrigued.

But as it turns out, the Reddit user’s Yorkshire poodle was there all along. They were just perfectly camouflaged into the bathroom rug.

Can you spot the dog?

If you need some help, here you go:

The image has already been viewed by over a million users since being posted two days ago. It's also wracking up the comments.

Yet for some, they couldn't see what all the fuss was about.

'Wait there's a black dog in there somewhere? Way to set up someone for a heart attack when they unsuspectingly walk into it,' one user wrote.

'That's a very nice carpet, but where's the dog?' questioned another.

Some suggested turning up the screen brightness, which made it easier to see the hiding dog.

Can you see the dog in the picture? Have you ever lost your pet in a similar way?

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