'Do I need a jacket' may just be the best website ever to exist.

Each time before I leave the house I will pester whoever is with me with two questions.

Firstly, will there be food? And secondly, do I need to take a jacket?

Both very important questions.

While I can’t always guarantee the right answer to the first, I no longer have to worry about the second.

‘Do I Need A Jacket’ is a website that actually exists and it may just be the best thing to exist on the internet.

The premise is simple and you’ve probably (hopefully) already guessed it – the site will tell you whether or not you need to take a jacket out with you.

Working like a search engine, simply input your location or postcode and it will analyse weather data to give you a definite answer.

Image: BrittanyStewart

It also tells you whether that will change in the next two, four and eight hours.

Yes, it may very well be the best discovery of 2018 (we're calling it early).

It works for all over the world and as of today in Sydney I can tell you it's 100 per cent accurate. It's a must-bookmark for the permanently cold and indecisive and EXCELLENT news for partners and friends who are constantly having to give up their jackets for the people who didn't bring theirs.

You can thank us later.

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