Literally just 12 discontinued Australian snacks we miss with all our hearts.

Sometimes, when we lie awake at night, the deepest and most profound thoughts drift into our heads.

Like; whatever happened to Tasty Toobs?

Other times, our minds wander to Strawberry Dunkaroos, or Herb and Spice Kettle chips.

Are they in a better place now? Who knows. All we really know is that we will never fully understand why they were taken from us.

But hey, we’re all in this together, so let us link arms and bow our heads as we remember the delicious discontinued foods we may never have the pleasure of tasting again.

Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.

Milo Bars

The Milo bars on supermarket shelves these days don’t even come close to the Milo bars of yesteryear. Essentially, they were just hunks of Milo powder covered in chocolate.


You're just not the same mate. Image: Facebook.

Quattro Biscuits

These were like crack to a tea-loving primary schooler with an undeniable sweet tooth. (Ahem, us).

They were the undisputed champion of the biscuit world. Okay, second to a Tim Tam, but come on, who can compete with a Tim Tam?

Gooey, caramel-y, nutty goodness with an anzac-biscuit-like base, if you spotted the shining beacon of deliciousness that was a blue pack of these in the cupboard you knew they wouldn't stick around long.

Where art thou, Quatros? Image: Facebook.

Space Food Snacks

Space Food Sticks were marketed as a replica of “astronaut food” and we don’t know why that was a thing. They tasted a bit like rubber even though they were *allegedly* chocolate flavour and looked a little bit like, um, something you definitely wouldn’t want to put in your mouth, but at the end of the day it didn't really matter - it was what they ate in space, guys. So of course we had to have them in our lunchboxes.

They no longer exist, and it's something we think about at least twice weekly.


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Tasty Toobs

Perhaps the most upsetting of the bunch, we're not quite sure we're ready to discuss losing Toobs, but we'll try.

Tangy, herby and delicious - these were a movie night go-to in many a household.

Tasty Toobs were a bit of a dirty chip. You know, the kind that would prevent you from being able to talk to anyone for the next few hours.

But my god they were good.

We are salivating at the thought. And maybe also wiping away tears. Goodnight, sweet prince.

Burger Men

These moreish chips were the flavour of the taste you have in your mouth after eating a burger... which sounds gross, but nah.

They were only made better by the fact that we felt like we were eating a crunchy little man each time we ate one.



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Marella Jubes

Did anyone else's granny always have a glass bowl of these sitting on the coffee table?

Mine did. And did I eat handfuls of them by sucking off the sugar first whenever we went to visit?

You betcha.


Ahh, jubes. We miss you.

Sprite Ice

Like drinking fizzy toothpaste but without the cavity protection.

The refreshing zing of the mint was an exciting touch to your run-of-the-mill Sprite that we miss dearly.

It looks as though it might still be available overseas, but it seems a bit extra to fly to Europe just for a can of delicious, cold, refreshing Sprite Ice, doesn't it?


... Maybe?


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Another granny's pantry-staple - Cobbers were little chewy caramel cubes covered in chocolate. Kinda like Fantales, but without the celebrity facts that we never understood as kids, and small enough for us to eat hundreds without feeling like our teeth were going to fall out the very next day.


Come back into our lives, pls, and never leave us again.


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Herb & Spice Kettle Chips

Arguably the best Kettle chip flavour to ever walk the earth (if chips had... legs, that is) herb & spice was up there with Toobs as our favourite dirty chip variety.

Garlicky, salty and bursting with flavour, THEY WERE JUST THE BEST, DAMMIT.


Kettle - you really owe us an explanation for that one. We think you might've dropped the ball here.

Nothing compares to you. Image: Facebook.

Strawberry Dunkaroos

Arguably the most beloved Australian snack from the 90s, what was inside those rattly little blue packages was pure heaven.

Who could resist tiny kangaroo-shaped biscuits dipped in hazelnut spread? WHO?


No one, that's who.

They were also available in strawberry and vanilla for a short time. Australian children everywhere were shook when these flavours were discontinued.

Never forget.

Regular Dunkaroos, we miss your pink relative. Image: Facebook.

Sunny Boys

Look guys, we're not here to guilt you - but it looks like this one's on us.

The fruit-juice flavoured iceblocks were discontinued in 2016, and we only have ourselves to blame for ruining Summer for the rest of our lives.


Classic us.

In a statement at the time, The Daily Juice Co. confirmed that it has ceased production of the pyramid-shaped frozen treats due to a “sustained reduction in consumer demand” over time.



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Cadbury Marble Chocolate


We almost can't even go there with marble. It's just too painful.

Discontinued a couple of years ago, Marble was one of the more successful Dairy Milk spin-offs.


This is a huge call, but look, it might even be better than original Dairy Milk.

And it's been ripped from our lives forever.



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What discontinued foods do you miss? Let us know in the comments below.