When Shanell parked in a disabled spot, someone left an angry note on her windscreen.

Welcome to the latest edition of “passive aggressive notes that should never have been left”.

Shanell Beriman, a mum from the Sunshine Coast, found herself on the receiving end of an ignorant note last week.

Beriman and her daughter, Hailee Wallace, parked in a disabled parking spot at their local shopping centre on Friday.

According to the Sunshine Coast Daily, Hailee, 13, suffers from joint hyper-mobility syndrome and glycogen storage disease, a condition which leaves her wheelchair bound most days.

Friday was one of those rare days when Hailee could walk from the car into the shops with her mum.

A stranger who witnessed the mum and daughter walk into the shops decided to leave an angry note on their windscreen.

The note read: “Why are you parking in a disabled car park when both you and your daughter are perfectly capable of walking???? Wrong – shame on you for using the sticker ungraciously”.

Beriman decided to talk to the Sunshine Coast Daily, so the note-leaver could fully understand their situation.

“Now, I’m sure there would not have been an issue if I had of pulled out the wheelchair… but (that day) my daughter was having a good day and therefore she did not use the wheelchair for our quick trip into Kmart,” she told the publication.

Beriman explained that Hailee’s muscles are “wasting away” making “day-to-day tasks very difficult”.

“There has been four days in the past two weeks that she was unable to even get out of bed, crying in pain; but of course, they didn’t know this.”

Beriman hopes that in future people won’t be so quick to judge… or to leave angry notes on windscreens.

The Sunshine Coast mum is not the only person who has been targeted by a cranky note-writer lately.

Just last month, a 23-year-old paramedic who was waiting for his next call out outside his emergency department, spotted an angry note on a nearby ambulance.

disabled parking spot note
Image: Facebook.

Not to say thanks, or to acknowledge the hard and often gruelling work of paramedics and emergency services workers.

But to not-so-kindly request the driver re-think their parking situation.

In a since-hidden public Facebook post, British EMT Zain Ali Kazmi shared two photos of the note which read in capital letters, "Think about others before you block others’ car. A+E Consultant".

“Came out of ED (emergency department) to find this!,” his Facebook post read.

“Another note on an ambulance this time from an A&E consultant outside A&E because he was blocked in a bay where he shouldn’t have parked himself!"

The Pinderfields hospital paramedic also said there are a number of other parking spaces available, and that it's hard enough copping abuse from the public, let alone fellow medical professionals.

"It’s not nice seeing it from another health care professional. You don’t just leave a note on an ambulance. It’s not the way to deal with it."

In a second Facebook post, Kazim said he decided to share the note simply because he "thought it was wrong".

"All I've done is shared what I saw was a note that was left on an ambulance by a consultant which I thought was the wrong way to deal with the situation and simply inappropriate," he wrote.

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