Make your new hair colour your calling card.

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Every woman knows her hair colour is her calling card.

It’s a way of saying who you are, or who you want to be. It reflects your mood, both your joys and your heartbreaks and it gives you the power to experiment with different personas.

If you’re living with dull, tired and lifeless hair you know the brutal pain that comes with waking up and knowing that each day is going to be a bad hair day.

Ladies, if this is you, it’s time to change things up for the better.

So, how do you decide which hair colour is right for you? It’s all about deciding what part of yourself you want to show to the world.

And that’s where the fun begins….


Do you want to show off your spontaneous and outgoing side? Brunette is for you.

Who says blondes have more fun? There’s a common misconception out there that brunettes are less party prone then their blonde sisters, but brunette babes know the real truth. Brunettes in any shade are ready to go at a moment’s notice, deftly covering up any grey hairs that may pop up during your adventures.

Brunette hair hides a multitude of sins and if your hair could talk it would have some great stories to tell. If you’re after a walk on the wild side, opt for brunette hair.


"Who says blondes have more fun?" Image: Universal Pictures.


Do you want to show the world that you’re committed and hard working? Blonde is your colour.

If you choose to go blonde, it’s safe to say you thrive on hard-work and are willing to take on serious commitment. People might expect you to be a ditz, but you’ll just shake it off because you know it gives you the element of surprise.

Under those sun-kissed highlights lies a brain that’s sharp, driven and motivated. Anyone who is ready to balance the pressures of purple shampoos and regrowth maintenance is perfectly capable of running the world.


 If you love having an element of surprise... Image: Twentieth Century Fox.


Do you want to flaunt your confidence? Go red.

Red heads are often labelled as ‘fiery’, but in reality this choice of hair colour goes so much deeper than that. If you’re brimming with confidence and want to show the world, it’s time to change your hair colour to a hue favoured by fire trucks and stop signs.

This is one way to ensure you’ll stand out in a crowd and get noticed. Pulling off a red ‘do is all about self-belief and full-on confidence, the kind that teary school girls and broken reality TV starlets only dream about. Now is your moment!


"Pulling off a red ‘do is all about self-belief and full-on confidence." Image: Lionsgate Television.


Are you naturally articulate and consistent? Embrace it by going Bronde.

Ladies who opt for Bronde (a mixture of brunette and blonde) hair know what they want and go after it. There’s no way someone can continuously walk that fine line between two different hair hues without speaking up and turning their visions into reality. If you want every person who lays eyes on your hair to know you’re consistent, driven and articulate, make sure you chose Bronde.


Ah, Rachel the original Bronde. Image: Warner Brothers television.

Strawberry Blonde.

Are you fun loving and mischievous? Embrace that sassy side with a Strawberry Blonde hue.

If you want to embrace the light side, then it’s time to dye your hair Strawberry Blonde. It’s a cheeky nod towards childhood and the days of frivolity and fun. You may walk in the world of adults but that doesn’t mean your hair has to reflect that.

It’s a hue that’s light, fun and perfect for easily blending over any stray grey hairs. Dyeing your hair Strawberry Blonde means you’re always up for a joke, a laugh and a Disney sing-a-long or cheeky cocktail. You know real joy comes from life’s happy little moments like ice-cream and red nail polish. It’s a good way to be.


Strawberry Blonde is a fun colour to suit a bubbly personality. Image: Columbia Pictures Corporation.


Are you ambitious and focused? It’s time to embrace black hair.

Snow White may have sported hair as black as ebony, but she wasn’t exactly a role model for ambition, what with her sleeping on the job and all. If you opt for inky locks it means you’re committed to deftly climbing that career ladder, and we’ll all know your ambition doesn’t stop there.

Do you have a penchant for drama and or want to add a thrill to your day?  Black is a serious colour and these ladies won’t stop until they’ve got the world at their feet. It’s also a colour you can adopt at any age. You can darken your blonde locks or cover up your greys. No matter what age you are, you’ll always be comfortable going back to black.


Black is all about ambition. Image: Columbia Pictures Corporation.


Do you want to exude mystery and thoughtfulness? Burgundy is the shade for you.

 Some people may think that those who opt for black hair are the true creatures of mystery, but those who are really thinking outside the box take it one step further and opt for Burgundy.  Not just a fabulous drop of wine, this deep and radiant shade will bring instant sophistication and glamour.


Burgundy brings an element of mystery. Image: Paramount Pictures.

If you opt for Burgundy, your actions and words may seem erratic and unpredictable to others, but once people peel back your complex layers they’ll see there is always a genius method to your madness. People may ask why you would choose that hair colour, but you’ll never tell. For an unending air of the exotic and mysterious, burgundy could be the colour for you.

What hair colours have you tried and loved?