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My dad is the most difficult person to buy presents for. He has everything and leads a very simple life. So the presents we buy him on Father’s Day tend to be the same each year.

My biggest present fail with my dad was definitely the crappy tool box I bought him one year. It was made of hard plastic. I thought he’d love it. It turns out he’s a tool-box-snob and Snap On or similar should have been at the top of my list.

My husband, on the other hand, is easy to buy presents for – if money were no object! Everything he wants is expensive and he has hardly any free time. Kite-surfing-lessons? He was thrilled with this expensive gift but I booked his lessons for a location an hour’s drive away and he didn’t ever make it.

So I have done the hard work for you (and for me). I have laboured over this Father’s Day Gift Guide so you can choose something they will love. And if they don’t like the gift they receive, then the Darrell Lea Dad’s Bag should soften the blow. Socks on their own = crap present. Socks with a Darrell Lea Dad’sBag = brilliant present.

1. Adrenalin anyone? 

What’s better than a day of race car riding or sky diving? A free pair of Bonds undies. Adrenalin has a great website offering all sorts of experiences and for Father’s Day the Bonds undies are included in the package. There are even land adventures like Quad Biking and Full Day Paint Ball. Prices vary depending on the experience with the website quoting possible prices as $0 – $1000! Love it.

2. A very unnecessarily high-powered torch 

My husband’s favourite parenting tool is his unnecessarily high-powered torch. There’s no fumbling for light switches for us. When our children cry during the night I know I can keep sleeping if I hear my husband click his torch on because that’s how I know he’s happy to get up and tend to them.

It’s brighter than our actual lights and hurts when it shines in your eyes but it is his favourite toy. The one time he misplaced it he was a little panicky. The LED Torch Shop has a great online store. He’d probably prefer to browse because there are SO MANY different kinds of torches and they might be a little specific in what they prefer.


3. Manscaping Tools

I bought my husband a nose-hair-clipper two years ago. I was sick of having to trim his nose hairs. He’d try to do it himself but struggled. He plucked one once and it became horribly infected. Manscaping is widespread these days and as long as he has the right tools he’ll do a good job of it and you won’t have to help him. After all, he doesn’t help you wax. Enter The Shaver Shop, one of my favourite places in the world and with a brilliant online store and specials for Father’s Day. For example, the Phillips’ Bodygroom Pro is only $69.95 and you can shop for yourself while you’re there.

4. Haviana Thongs in every colour (and permission to wear them daily) 

Who else is excited that thong-season is almost here? My first black haviana’s of the season have arrived (I ordered two pairs) but this year I plan to be a little more adventurous and try some different colours. City Beach has haviana’s for men, women and kids and you can order online and they are priced from $26.99 – $39.99 depending on which style you choose. I’m a huge fan of the blue on black or the red on black.

5. Sporting Memorabilia 

Pro Sports Memorabilia has a tonne of legitimate merchandise and if I were, for example, shopping for a NRL Parramatta Eels fan (don’t worry, we’ll win some games next year) then I could purchase the Nathan Hindmarsh 300 Club personally signed and framed jersey for $899.10, including GST. A total bargain, don’t you agree? They have all teams and all sports and are even selling Olympic memorabilia and details for fundraising activities and appearances.

6. Amazon Kindle 3G from Dick Smith $215 (SAVE $34)

Who puts dad on the best sellers list? Dick Does. The Kindle 3G is the perfect gift for Dad this year. Easy to use, fits in your pocket and can hold up to 1400 books. Plus Dick Smith has it for their cheapest ever price, so everybody wins.


7. Enzo Silverlit Ferrari from Dick Smith $89.95

The gift for the grown up that never grew up. The Enzo Silverlit Ferrari is the ultimate big boy’s toy. It’s easy to setup and controlled by your iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad. Authentic Ferrari design and sound effects all add to the experience.

8. TOMTOM VIA 180 In-Car GPS from Dick Smith $149 (SAVE $100)

Who stops dad from driving you crazy? Dick does with the TOMTOM VIA 180 GPS. It has everything you’d expect plus loads of cool extras like voice control, hands free calling and advanced lane guidance. Even has a nice big 5” touch screen ideal for dad’s stubby fingers.

9. Radio Control Mini WRC from Dick Smith $24.95 (SAVE $15) 


The gift for the big kid in every family. The radio control Mini Cooper sports rally car looks without the price tag. Super easy to drive and as one of Dick Smith’s most popular products it’s a sure winner with Dad.

10. SONY X Series Dock & Free SONY Portable Dock from Dick Smith $199

Who helps rock Dad’s socks off? Dick does. Get Dad this speaker dock that can play tunes from either his iPhone or iPod, plus get a FREE Sony portable dock. It’s a great affordable gift with a great bonus. Offers 360 degree sound plus charges your device at the same time. *iPod is not included.

As you can see Dick Smith has all sorts of awesome gifts for all sorts of dads. From the big kid, to the adventurer, the couch potato or the high flying exec, Dick Smith have a gift for all types. For these great gifts and much more head to and they can help you find the perfect present.

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What’s the perfect gift for your father?

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