There was a time before we had apps for everything.

Once upon a time, a dictionary was something that you would hold in your hands, thumbing the pages til you found what you were looking for

Cute puppies were found in calendars, and calendars were these paper things we stuck on the wall. We kept photos of our family and friends in frames. We had ‘pigeon holes’ instead of drop-boxes.

We had newspapers and books and ACTUAL pens.

It was a simpler time. But is was a lot messier, as this video from Best Reviews shows.

Evolution of the Desk was created by Doug Thomsen and Anton Georgiev, and demonstrates just how far we have come in 30 odd years, and just how much of what was once on our desks, is now inside that one little screen we’ve all become we fond of.

Technology, huh?

Be sure to check out Best Reviews to find the original video.