"I'm having a 'smell' issue with my tween. Am I the only one?"

Of all the things I never expected to say as a parent, this is one of them: it is very important to my son that he smells good at all times.

Yep – my almost-eleven-year-old boy loves to spritz himself with body spray. And deodorant. Or anything that smells clean and fresh.

To anyone who knows us, this will come as no surprise. I’m a smell-conscious person. I love perfume and scented hand creams. I’m constantly reapplying both – much to the undoubted delight of my desk neighbours at work.

And it turns out, my son is exactly like his mum.

How do you tell your tween it’s time to start wearing deodorant? Post continues after.

Each time we go to the supermarket, he will hassle me for a new body wash, or spray.

We have so many memories of standing at perfume counters, spritzing different scents. The kid even knows that you need to sniff coffee beans in between sprays to clear the nasal passages so your nose can differentiate between the perfumes.

The lady at my favourite make up store knows to give him a little sample of the latest men’s cologne – even if he’s not with me.

I think it all comes down to the fact that we feel that good hygiene is a way to relax. At home, we light candles, we take bubble baths, and we moisturise afterwards. It makes us feel good, and comfortable. I know it sounds indulgent, but as Oprah would say, we’re just living our “best life.”

Actual footage of me in the bath. And no, I don't allow my son to drink champagne when he's in there. Source: Pinterest.

All of this means that I've not had to have a conversation with him about personal hygiene, ever. He brushes his teeth. He wears deodorant. He cares about wearing clean clothes.

I'm not boasting about any of this - but I am relieved to have one less thing to battle over with my tween. While other mums are struggling to get their kids into the shower, I'm telling mine to keep out, because two showers/baths (which is often what he wants to do), isn't good for his skin.

Obviously, it's working on the ladies. For example, look at the love shown to him by Mamamia Director of Podcasts, Rachel Corbett:


I actually see no issue with any of this, and firmly believe that imparting this habit will mean that his future partner will love me (even more) for it.

Deep down inside, though, I suspect this tween will change his habits when he becomes a teenager with other things on his mind.

But until then, I'm keeping him in body sprays, and enjoying my sweet-smelling-son it while it lasts.

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