The internet has rediscovered a 'Friends' scene that never made it to TV.

Probably for the best, really.

Despite its best efforts, Friends was hardly known for pushing the boundaries.

That is why it makes complete sense that they would pull what is now a very, very controversial joke.

The joke was made by the show’s sarcastic-yet-vulnerable-comic-relief character, Chandler, at an airport. About bombs. And was due to be aired two weeks after September 11.

Yeah. All of a sudden it’s not very funny any more.

Although the footage was uploaded to YouTube in 2007, it is making the rounds on the interwebs again, and is drawing many comments about whether or not it was ever really funny.

The text before the clip reads:

“The following scenes were deleted from the episode The One Where Rachel Tells Ross and are being presented here for the first time. The story involved Chandler joking with security at an airport and was to air two weeks after the events of September 11, 2001.

In light of this, we decided to replace the original story. As part of the history of the show, we hope that the scenes can now be viewed in the spirit in which they were originally intended.”

Well edited, producers. Well edited.

Over to you. Do you think the clip is funny?

For a few of the delightful jokes that did make it in, have a look through this gallery.

h/t Distractify

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