The 7 Christmas trends that are taking over Pinterest right now.

Christmas is coming and it’s finally far enough into November that you can start putting up the Christmas tree.

If you’re not feeling the same old tinsel and store-bought baubles this year – although there is absolutely nothing wrong with that because we’re all busy, busy, busy – you might be looking for DIY Christmas decorations ideas.

According to Pinterest’s Festive Celebrations Report, these are the seven DIY Christmas trends all the ‘with it’ people will rolling out for the festive season.

1. Buffalo plaid

buffalo plaid
Image: Pinterest/[Kara's Party Ideas].
buffalo plaid
Image: Pinterest/[The Inspired Home].

Buffalo plaid is the most searched Christmas print this year.


Surprisingly, it's really not that... festive. At all. No red or green, no sparkle and gold glitter.

Buffalo plaid is the perfect print to decorate your home in a minimalist, monochrome way that's not too offensive to the eye.

You can also keep it in your home year round.

2. Asymmetrical Christmas wreaths

Asymmetrical Christmas wreaths
Image: Pinterest/[Unknown].
Asymmetrical Christmas wreaths
Image: Pinterest/[Bloglovin].

This one goes out to all the crafty people.

Traditional Christmas wreaths have this year been replaced by edgy, half asymmetrical wreaths. Try making your wreath in half circle, square or triangle shapes - basically anything that's not a full circle.


Looks hipster and saves time. Extra points if you forage for your own sticks and leaves.

3. No wrapping paper wrapping

No wrapping paper wrapping
Image: Pinterest/[Unknown].
No wrapping paper wrapping
Image: Pinterest/[Glitter Guide].

No wrapping paper Christmas wrapping (also known as Japanese wrapping) saves on paper and landfill mess.

Use tea towels, a silk scarf or cloth in fun patterns to wrap your pressies instead of rolls of paper. Yes, they're cheaper, but this kind of wrapping looks extra special.

4. Layered door mats.

layered door mats
Image: Pinterest/[Crazy Wonderful].
layered door mats
Image: Pinterest/[Studio McGee].

Apparently, layering doormats is a thing.

Honestly, this might be the easiest way to make your front door look more festive - just layer a Christmas coloured or Buffalo plaid table cloth underneath your regular door mat, or pick up a festive one from your local department store.

5. Leaf place cards

leaf place cards
Image: Pinterest/[Bride's Magazine].
leaf place cards
Image: Pinterest/[Style Me Pretty].

Again, leaf/greenery place cards are so low effort but look like you've put some thought into things.

All you'll need is some brown paper or card, a black marker, twine or pegs and sprigs of parsley, fresh basil, mint or even cherries with the stalks still in tact.

Choosing a herb could also double as a garnish for gin and tonics. Win.

6. Christmas card displays

christmas cards displays
christmas cards displays

How to display your Christmas cards (if you're a person who still gets them) is always a conundrum.

Considering how pretty they can be, might as well use them to decorate your space rather than tucking them on a shelf to get dusty.

String, pegs and some fairy lights strung over a bannister, or under a window sill or doorway will do the job.

7. Christmas tree collars

christmas tree collar
Image: Pinterest/[Homey Oh My].
christmas tree collar
Image: Pinterest/[Domus Galerija].

OK, so the people of Pinterest say we need to have a 'collar' for our Christmas trees now.

Think the Instagram-worthy wicker baskets people put their indoor plants in these days.

If your tree has larger legs, you'll need a collar to disguise them, otherwise use a basket from Kmart, Big W or any home interiors store.

Tres chic.

P.S. Science says people who put up Christmas decorations earlier are smarter. Watch it in the video below.

Video by MMC

Which of these decorating trends will you try at home? Tell us in the comments!

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