TV's greatest villain reveals the one question every fan asks him.

“People run up to me and say ‘I love to hate you.'”

For most, this would be no term of endearment.

But for 52-year-old David Morrissey, best known for his infamous portrayal of ‘The Governor’ on beloved zombie drama  The Walking Dead, it’s the highest praise one could possibly receive.

“I do kill off a lot of characters”, Morrissey admits. “Some of the favourite characters of the show perish at my hands.”

Listen: TV’s most sinister villain answers the burning questions you’ve always wanted to ask, on The Binge. 

According to British-born Morrissey, there’s one question fans of The Walking Dead can’t quite let go; one question he can’t escape, wherever in the world he may be.

“They want to know what I would do in the zombie apocalypse”, he says. “People are very interested in the zombie apocalypse actually happening”, he told The Binge hosts Laura Brodnik and Tiffany Dunk.

So. What WOULD David Morrissey do in the zombie apocalypse then…

David Morrissey as the infamous 'Governor' on The Walking Dead. Image via AMC.

"Obviously I'd just head for Woodbury."

Woodbury, a town, appears in Season Three of The Walking Dead.

Morrissey goes on, "I think the Governor would be a really great person to be with in the zombie apocalypse... he has a really great plan."

"But as we know, power corrupts and he goes a bit AWOL."

Despite being best known for The Walking Dead, Morrissey has another big production in the works. And we bet you've heard of it...

The Missing, Season One. Image via BBC.

The Missing first premiered back in the UK, in 2014.

Season One of the crime-drama followed Oliver, a 5-year-old boy who travels to France with his parents. When he disappears in a large crowd, their family holiday turns into a nightmare as parents Tony and Emily scramble to track him down.

Season Two brings in an entirely cast, and follows an entirely new story... but still follows the same blueprint: espionage; mystery; and one family at the centre of it all.

David Morrissey's character is the patriarch of that family.

"I play a British soldier based in Germany. His daughter, when she was thirteen... is abducted", says Morrissey.

David Morrissey plays Sam Webster in Season Two of The Missing. Image credit BBC.

The show turns the average crime-drama on its head. Because the daughter going missing is by no means the roughest thing the protagonist family faces.

Rather, her return is.

"The story starts really eleven years later, when she walks back into their life."

"Her return is really the most devastating thing that happens to this family", Morrissey says. "You have these dreams and wishes about when this person will return but when she does return... it's fractious. It breaks this family apart."


"When this girl [Morrissey's daughter in the series] comes back, it's all about accusation  - is there someone in the community who has done this? Or helped it happen?

"It tears the community apart."

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Morrissey says he played on "that fear we always have as parents" - that one day, you're child might not make it home from school.

The daughter's disappearance is only one aspect of mystery that surrounds the show.

"I suddenly have this terrible scar on my face..." Image credit BBC.

"It's a multi-character, multi-timeline drama."

"I suddenly have this terrible scar on my face - this burn - and down my back... the detective, Julien Baptiste [the only character to reprise his role from the first season], has suddenly got his head shaved, not looking very well... it's constantly asking you questions about what's going on."

"You're chasing it all the time", says Morrissey.

We may be chasing the plot, and the characters, and the drama throughout the entire season. But according to the acting legend - with one of the most enticing voices on television - it's all worth it.

"It has a really satisfying ending", he promises.

The Missing premieres Sunday 5th March at 8:30pm on Foxtel. You can find out more, here.

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