Dave Hughes failed to recognise his own daughter live on-air. It didn't go down too well.

Comedian and radio presenter Dave Hughes is feeling a little bit sheepish after failing to recognise the voice of his seven-year-old daughter Sadie when she called into his show.

It all went down as he and co-host at Hit Network, Kate Langbroek, were running their regular segment Freaky Facts yesterday afternoon.

The game sees kids ring the show to share three unusual facts and, yesterday, a girl who called herself ‘Kelly’ rang into let listeners know:

“The name Jessica was created by Shakespeare; You can’t snore and dream at the same time; And in Japan it’s good luck if a sumo wrestler makes your baby cry.”

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She wasn’t done.

When Langbroek asked if she had any more facts, ‘Kelly’ replied: “Yeah, I’ve got one really Freaky Fact. I’m not Kelly, I’m actually Sadie.”

And… Silence.

After a moment, Hughes, 47, told listeners: “I had no idea. I didn’t recognise my own daughter’s voice!”

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Speaking later to News Corp, Hughes said he was “blindsided” and still “couldn’t believe it”.

“I could not believe that I’d spent five minutes talking to a child without realising it was one of mine,” he said. “And she didn’t even put on a fake voice.”

Hughes joked his wife, Holly, was severely unimpressed. “She thinks it’s a prime example of me not spending enough time at home.”

He and Holly have been married since 2006 and have three children together, Tess, 5, Sadie, 7, and Rafferty, 18.