Dating tips from grandma

Dating in 2012 is tough. Men don’t just ask your dad if they can take you out for an ice cream soda any more. No, no, there are websites, and apps, and sexting and profiles and vodka cranberry that comes in a cask.

In the olden days there were rules. Sure, they were rigid rules and those rules were more than a little bit sexist and absurd and frankly insulting. But the rules were there to be followed and everyone knew where they stood.

So let’s imagine that the whole ‘God particle’ thing comes off and we can travel backwards along the time-space continuum to an era where the dating game was simpler. Kinder.

An era where these dating tips from 1938 would come in handy…

(And for those of you who have already reached the centre of the board and claimed all your pie pieces, it can still be fun to reflect on the game that was and fondly remember the rules that helped you win. Smug, aren’t ya? Enjoy.)

Which is your favourite old-school dating tip? Do you think any of these are valid for today’s dating game?