Amanda ghosted on a date. Then she received a bizarre letter in the mail.


This has… happened.

A woman named Amanda Burnett went on a date with a bloke.

They had an average time and she ate some pulled pork tacos. After the date he texted her but she didn’t text him back.

Then, a few weeks later, Amanda received an invoice in the mail.

dating horror story
Image: Twitter.

"I’m posting this on Twitter bc it can prob go viral honestly. Got this in the mail from a guy I went on a date with a few weeks back because I didn’t text him back. Lol," she tweeted.

Amanda also uploaded a photo of said invoice which had been itemised and came to a total of $39.42 including a $1.99 processing fee.

The, erm, invoice number was also 69 so make of that what you will.

Amanda later posted an update - a screenshot of a message from the guy telling her she needed to pay the invoice to "avoid additional penalty or fines".

dating horror story
Image: Twitter.

The internet, of course, loved it.

They also provided Amanda with some handy tips on how to deal with the situation.


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