Maddie showed her prom date her dress. His text back made her dump him on the spot.

Madison Witham was having a pretty great day. The 16-year-old had just found her prom dress and was excited to show it to her date.

Then his ugly response made her dump him on the spot.

Sharing the text exchange on Twitter on Sunday, Maddie told followers: “so today I bought a prom dress and dropped a dude, eventful day!”

Yep, far more eventful a day than ours…

The US teen blocked out her former suitor’s name (showing far more respect than he showed her), so we’ll just call him D-bag. (She also hid her dress to keep it a surprise for the big night.)

Maddie started the conversation by telling her date that she’d found a dress, to which D-bag begged, “show meee!”

Only as soon as she sent him the dress – which Maddie has also blocked out because she still plans to make a grand entrance at her high school prom – D-bag’s attitude changed.

“Too much skin, get rid of it and I’ll get you a new one b,” he oh-so-helpfully replied.

Maddie responded in a way we hope we would have in this situation at 16: “It’s not too much skin, wtf.”

And then D-bag started waving that red flag he was holding.

“You look like a slut b .. no offence.”

Thankfully, Maddie saw this as a sign that D-bag was, in fact, not worth her time.

“I’ll stick with the dress and get myself a new man, byeee.”

We have a new feminist hero, and her name is Maddie.

Apparently, bum bags are inherently feminist. The Mamamia Out Loud team discuss.