"Skinny isn't what I wanted": Dannii Minogue gets real about her post-baby body.

Amen, sister. Amen.

In a series of candid videos with Show And Tell Online, Dannii Minogue has revealed the real story behind her post-baby body.

When asked about her extremely slim post-pregnancy silhouette (and the tabloid controversy that came with it), she revealed that she had little control over her shape at that time.

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“I had no pressure to get back into shape quickly. Instead of going back to my shape I was a lot thinner… I had some health troubles that were undiagnosed and I was losing weight rapidly,” she said.

“I had a thyroid trouble which is very common after having a baby.

“About a week after I found out about the thyroid thing and was just starting to get that under control, I ended up in hospital with appendicitis and had to get my appendix out.”

“I had people coming up to me and saying, ‘Oh isn’t it great you’ve got your body back, you’re so skinny’ and I thought, skinny isn’t what I want to do. I have to be a healthy size.”

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The X-Factor judge went on,  “It really annoys me that women feel like they have to bounce back quickly. It’s just so harsh. Your body is not meant to do that.”

Amen, sister. Dannii’s comments are exceptionally reassuring, especially given the rise of women trying to stay thin while pregnant. There are more important things than being slim – and a woman’s health, particularly after she’s given birth, is the most important of all.