Two awesome stories of diverse models fronting brands. Well done, fashion industry.

Today we’re bringing you two awesome stories from the fashion world.

Danielle Sheypuk

1. Danielle Sheypuk becomes the first person to model at New York Fashion Week in a wheelchair.

In one giant leap for inclusion, Danielle Sheypuk, Ms. Wheelchair New York 2012, has become the first person to “walk” the New York Fashion Week runway in a wheelchair.

Sheypuk modelled for designer Carrie Hammer, who wanted to feature “role models not runway models” in her collection.

“It is so important to me that women have positive body image and are empowered in work and their life. My line makes dresses to fit women. We don’t make dresses that women need to fit into,” Hammer said in an email interview with The Huffington Post.

Of the experience Sheypuk said:  “I was just another model in a show, and that’s exactly what I wanted.”

“People with disabilities need to see it. It’s a confidence booster. It’s like, ‘if she’s doing it, I can do it. Who cares about my wheelchair?'”

2. Debbie van der Putten lands department store campaign

Dutch model Debbie van der Putten is an amputee, who lost her arm in a motor accident at 19.

She’s also one of the stars of top Dutch department store de Bijenkorf’s Spring campaign.

She tweeted:

In a world where one – very thin, white, tall – size is taken to fit all, it’s refreshing to see more designers represent the diversity of their clientele in their marketing and advertising campaigns. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, for example, launched their latest collection with a cast of ‘mature-age’ models (read: not fourteen year olds). Various brands have chosen to showcase ‘plus-size’ models (read: women above a size six) in their catalogues and on the runways.

But the representation of disabled women in the fashion world has been lacking. And that is why, today, we’re super happy to see these pictures of Danielle and Debbie.

Because, ultimately whatever your body looks like, women need to wear clothes, damn it. So they might as well open a catalogue and see women who look like them doing the same.

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