Calling all stage mums: Nikki Webster is casting Australia's very own version of Dance Moms.


Stop everything.

Dance Moms Australia is coming. (Apparently we aren’t changing ‘mom’ to ‘mum’ which is confusing but okay). ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Nikki Webster is hosting and honestly, well done. No one else would have been suitable other than the once 13-year-old who flew through the air at the 2000 Sydney Olympics opening ceremony.

Here’s Nikki’s audition call-out. Post continues after video.

Video by Nikki Webster

If you’re unfamiliar with the series, oh boy. Welcome. They’re eight seasons deep in the US and the cast (of kids and mums *cough moms*) are so popular they… tour the world. They even came here to Australia and were wildly popular, hence why we are starting our own series.

It’s reality show madness at its best and to put it lightly, it’s insane. 

It’s like The Kardashians, but with a whole cast of Kris Jenners. There was one time they made nine-year-old girls, dress in nude costumes, and do a fake strip tease. They also did a dance in straight jackets which was wildly offensive. There’s fat shaming, water throwing, tantrums, and storm outs.


It’s so bad, it’s good. Three million people watch the show per episode.

Stage Moms
The 'moms' sit around at the rehearsals and just....squabble. Image: Lifetime.

Nikki has filmed a video asking 'moms' and kids to audition. The now 32-year-old only recently burst back into our lives on The Masked Singer Australia, being uncovered as the Alien, and now it appears we get to keep her.


She's been off the public radar for a few years now, forging an impressive career for herself, running three dance studios across New South Wales. But there's question marks as to whether Nikki will bring the same kind of sass to the show as controversial American dance teacher, Abby Lee Miller (She tried to BITE a 'mom').

She was also jailed for a year in 2017 for fraud charges - she'd been squirrelling away money in a secret bank account.

Abby Lee Miller Vists "The Claman Countdown"
Nikki is the Australian Abby Lee Miller and quite frankly they couldn't be more different. Image: Steven Ferdman/Getty.

Nikki wants dancers aged 8 to 16 to provide two 60 second videos; one of their favourite dance routine and another just chatting to their 'mom'.

According to Nikki, they not only get to join her elite dance troupe, they also eventually get to meet their US counterparts.

Mamamia's daily entertainment podcast The Spill discuss Nikki Webster bringing Dance Moms to Australia... Post continues below.

"I've been involved with competitive dance as a child performer, an instructor and a mother. It is an exhilarating, entertaining and at times, emotional ride," she said.

"I've got no doubt Australians will be compelled by what Dance Moms Australia will bring to their homes: the drama of competition and conflict where the lines of allegiance aren't always what you'd expect."

The casting call is quite obviously searching for divas, asking parents whether their child 'outshines everyone they compete against' and honestly, we're nervous and excited about what Australia is going to rustle up.

If you're keen to go head-to-head with a bunch of 'moms' and their 11-year-olds you can sign up at here.