We met Dan Reilly and Dani Wales 10 years ago on The Block. Here's what they're up to now.

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When we met Dan Reilly and Dani Wales in 2012 on The Block, Australia was... obsessed. 

They argued passionately, designed their home beautifully and renovated their build to a high standard (despite having no prior experience). Whether they were liked or not was irrelevant – Dan and Dani were there to win and they made no apologies for that. 

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Video via Nine.

By the end of the season, the couple took home a tidy $448,000 profit from the sale of their house.

"I have a one in four chance to win $100,000," he said at the time.

"This could potentially change our lives and set us up for life and I am going to give it my hardest and give it my all. The viewer does not have a chance to win this prize."

Dan and Dani were welcomed on again in 2013 during the all-star series of The Block.


Right after wrapping up as a contestant, Dan became a Certified Master Builder and started running an interior design and construction business alongside Dani, called Manna Made.

In 2014, he joined The Block again and was referred to as 'Foreboy Dan' which meant he helped Foreman Keith look after the Block site.

However, Dan admitted he and Keith had not always gotten along.


"On The Block All Stars, I got a builder who caused a bit of friction between Keith and I and we had a few dust-ups," he told news.com.au.

"It got verbal at times. We nearly went toe to toe at one stage. Later, we went for a beer at the local pub and said ‘what the heck were we doing?'"

Foremen Dan and Keith with The Block host Scott Cam. Image: Nine.


Dan added: "When you’re in that intense situation of The Block, the smallest issue in the world becomes really big. I was probably getting carried away a bit too much. We’re all good now."

Dan has just about wrapped up his eighth season on The Block. He reflected on the remarkable journey, saying it's a huge part of his and Dani's life. 

"When you’re a contestant, it feels like it changes your life," he told Nine. "Doing that a few times and then coming back, it’s been a big part of my life, and also Dani’s – even though she’s not involved."

While Dan spent his time bossing the Block contestants around, Dani got her own TV gig as the co-host of the Channel 10 series Healthy Homes Australia.

The pair also kept their renovating and remodelling dream alive by having a go at it on their own with an old cottage, located in the Victorian suburb of Seddon. Slowly, they transformed the place into a modern retreat.

In 2016, Dan and Dani listed the property for $1.1 million but managed to sell it for $1.3 million after auction.

The pair have stuck by one another's side – through years of renovations, owning a business together, and juggling a relationship. In 2018, after eight years of dating, the pair tied the knot. 

They celebrated surrounded by a bunch of familiar faces including former Blockheads, Josh and Jenna Densten, building boss The Block's foreman Keith and Healthy Homes Australia co-host Walt Collins.


Dan and Dani with Walt Collins on their wedding day. Image: Instagram.

For the last few years, Dan and Dani have also had a mini-series on Nine, called Dan V Dani, where they tour The Block contestant's rooms every week and give their very honest and very brutal opinions. 


At the end of each walk-through, the pair award one team as the 'champion' of the week, and another as the 'chump'. 

After all these years together, the pair have renovated numerous homes together, hosted a show together and are parents to two fur babies – Olive and Hazel. 

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Right now, they're in the midst of building and designing in the Mornington Peninsula. 

While nothing in the future is ever certain, Dani says she can't believe how far she and Dan have come.

"It’s still funny seeing him on the show," she admitted to Insider Style in 2017. "I never in a million years thought anything like that would end up happening – no way.

"Actually, we talk about that a lot – way back when we did the show, Dan was really funny, and really engaging, but not so great when it was a 'Solo Dan to Camera' stuff... But watching him develop has been really cool. I tell him every series, 'I’m so proud of how far you have come'."

She added: "I have never really thought about what might have been [but] all I can think about, if anyone asks, is that The Block absolutely changed our lives. We will forever be indebted for them picking us."

Feature Image: Nine.