Daily WOW : Chicken pox lollipops

I remember when I was young I desperately wanted to get chicken pox, I wanted those days off school real bad. My mother on the other hand was not quite so excited about the prospect so when my friends got spotty she kept me well away. I resented it slightly when I got chicken pox at 21! Not pleasant.

Because there was no chicken pox vaccine when I was a child there were mothers that encouraged their children to get the pox when they were young. Play dates weren’t cancelled when the kids got sick, but they also weren’t planned as soon as somebody got a spot.

Some doctors believe that the actual disease is more efficient than the vaccine so the idea of hanging around children with chicken pox is not totally new (or frowned upon) but nowFacebook groups exist just for the purpose of infecting kids with the disease. If you thought that was bad (or ridiculous) try making sense of this – a service exists whereby someone whose child has chicken pox will send you an infected lollipop. Yes, a lollipop infected with chicken pox will be sent to you in the mail.

Personally, I am glad it is as illegal as it is naive. I trust (and am grateful for) the vaccine schedule.

What do you think?