One genius dad has found the ultimate solution to your date night woes.

Ah, date nights. Remember them?

Those lovely nights you spent with your partner before you had kids. When you didn’t have to worry about finding a babysitter and calling in regularly to check that Max doesn’t have a fever and that Molly isn’t cutting all the heads off her barbies again.

Thankfully, one clever dad has found the ultimate solution to all your date night woes – you just need to erect an inflatable pub in your backyard and have date night at home.

Yep, in a video uploaded to the LADbible Facebook page, a dad has shared the moment he revealed his inflatable pub date night to his partner – and honestly, it’s one of the sweetest things you’ll see all week.


At the start of the video the woman tells her partner she really wants to go out on a date night. After initially suggesting they get takeaway (that doesn’t count, mate), he gives her instructions to go out and get her hair done, get dressed up and meet him back at the house at 8pm.

When she arrives home, he meets her at the door and she asks where the babysitter is. He says there’s no babysitter and leads her into the backyard where he’s set up an inflatable pub called ‘Air of the Dog’ – complete with a fully stocked bar, a smoke machine and strobe lights.

“Best of both worlds,” he tells his partner. “Date night, and we haven’t got to pay for a sitter.”

And look, he’s definitely won some brownie points with this one.

The dad’s video, which has been shared over 320,000 times, is striking a chord with parents around the world, with many people praising him for his creativity.

“I thought this was very creative. Yes it probably costed more than a babysitter and date night out in the town but it was thoughtful and something they both will remember forever,” one person wrote.

“This relationship is going to last a life time. They clearly get each other and even though you could see her initial pain at the idea of not going out out she didn’t complain. She just went with it,” added another.

Screw the Minions, let’s take the kids to watch Saw. Post continues…

It sure looks like they had an amazing date night together.

What do you think of this dad’s date night hack? 

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