A plea from a desperate mother: “My husband is blatantly disinterested in our kids.”


One poor mum has asked the internet for help after noticing her husband just isn’t interested in doing anything with their three daughters.

Writing anonymously on Reddit under the username “stressedmom112”, the 36-year-old woman said her 35-year-old husband, Greg, never wants to spend any time with the couple’s three daughters, aged 13, 10 and five.

“Greg is not what you’d call a very involved dad,” she wrote.

“He shows up for school functions if necessary, and we have family dinner most nights. But outside of those types of things, it’s like he lives a separate life from us.”

The frazzled mum said she didn’t even realise it was happening until their middle daughter pointed it out to her one day, saying her dad never wanted to do anything with her unless it aligned with his interests.

This triggered a memory of a conversation the mum had had with her husband, where he said he found it “disappointing” his kids weren’t interested in the same things he was.

Dad tying daughter's hair
This attentive dad is clearly not Greg. Image: Getty

After speaking with the couple's daughter, the mum started paying more attention to the way Greg interacted with their girls, and that's when she realised there was a problem.

For one, their youngest daughter had started pretending she liked comic books, just so she could spend some quality time with her dad.

And when their eldest daughter gave him a book to read, Greg said he wasn't interested because it wasn't Lord of the Rings.

"Unless it aligns perfectly with his nerdy interests, he just has no capacity to show interest for the sake of spending time with his kids," she wrote.

The understandably upset mum then sat her husband down for a chat, and things did not go well.

"When I initially tried to talk to him about it, he retreated and told me that I was trying to 'change' him and 'feminise' him," she wrote.

She then outright asked him why he wouldn't spend any time with their daughters, and he told her: "I just don’t want to waste my time. We only have so much time on this planet."


To be honest, Greg sounds... awful, but according to the comments on the original post, it's unfortunately something a lot of other women can relate to.

If they weren't in relationships with guys like Greg, they'd grown up with a dad like him.

"I had a dad like this and I guarantee the children know and will grow to really resent him if they don't already. I felt deeply rejected by my dad and I'm still dealing with the ramifications of that," wrote one person.

"My dad is like this too, and it really messed me up in a lot of ways. The irony is that now I can’t stand spending time with him," commented another.

Others pointed out that their dad had been the opposite of Greg, and that had had just as much of an impact on their lives.

"Because of how great my dad was I have high expectations for how romantic partners should treat me. My brother has high expectations of himself for how he should treat his wife and children," wrote one person.

And others urged the woman to maybe rethink her relationship with this Greg guy.

"Most people enjoy, at least to some degree, spending time with their kids. It’s a total red flag that OP’s husband sees it as a waste of time," commented another person.

"I think her husband is beyond help," wrote another.

"He has deeply ingrained issues around women and it has manifested into ignoring his own children - and they are old enough to notice. Time to start getting your affairs in order."