From Dream Mousse to Lip Smackers: 12 cult beauty products every girl owned in high school.


High school is a time of extremely questionable choices, and our favourite beauty buys were no exception.

They were the days before we could actually do makeup properly (or were even allowed to wear it), and when we wanted to smell like an overly-sweet fruit.

Still, we can’t help but feel nostalgic towards the products we invested our very little money in.

How to: Add a dash of colour to your makeup. (Post continues below.)

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Whether it’s a fragrance, body lotion or lip balm, the scent of each, brings back the good, the bad and the ugly teenage memories.

So to remind you of these days gone by, here are 12 cult beauty products that you (or definitely someone you knew) owned during high school.

Impulse Body Spray


This ‘perfume in a spray’ was a scent you could smell from miles away.

The two most popular scents, Vanilla Kisses and The Spice Girls are sadly discontinued, however, other variations of the sweet overpowering scents live on to this day.

The Body Shop Watermelon Pot Lip Balm


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There’s something about the fake watermelon scent that just brings back memories. It seemed every girl had one of these trusty potted lip balms in their pockets (different packaging, same smell).

Although they also came in Strawberry, Raspberry and Passionfruit, Watermelon was by far the favourite.

Maybelline Great Lash Mascara


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The ‘It Girl’ mascara. This green-and-pink tube was instantly recognisable and a cult beauty buy throughout the ’00s.

White eyeliner


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Dolly and Girlfriend convinced us that white eyeliner was the key to bigger, brighter and more awake looking eyes. However, it somehow left a lot of us looking more like we had conjunctivitis. Not a good look…

Napoleon Perdis Camera Finish


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There was a reason this was so popular. Not only was Napoleon Perdis’ name known everywhere, but this compact was so easy for us beauty novices to use. Dab the sponge in the foundation, and voila! Done.


Britney Spears Fantasy


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Celebrity perfumes were all the rage. Whether that be Britney, JLo or Paris Hilton, we wanted them all.

But there was something about Britney Spears’ Fantasy that made it the number one favourite.

Maybelline Dream Mousse


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This stuff was everything. 

The strange mousse texture and the colours that never quite matched our natural skin tone. It’s probably best that we’ve moved on from this one.

Le Tan Foaming Mousse


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The original tanning mousse, Le Tan Foaming Mousse was a staple for any girl. It was usually on a Thursday night, during the pre-weekend tanning routine, of course.

Lynx Africa


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Considering boys smelt so great when wearing this deodorant, many of us believed we should wear it, too. Why? Who knows.

Honestly, high school was a strange time…

Clinique 3 Step Intro Kit


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This was one that our mums owned and we stole. Thanks, Mum!

Sun In


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Before we were old enough to afford highlights, Sun In was a trusty alternative. Despite many of us brunettes going more of an orange colour than blonde, we continued to try for that sunkissed look.


Lip Smacker


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In other news can we have a Lip Smacker appreciation post? This was every girl’s dream in the 90s. Also 2000s. For me it still is tbh. Anyway. I was not really allowed to have a lot of these (although considering the fact that I ate them I am thinking my mum was pretty kind in the amounts of Lip Smackers she allowed me to buy) See the thing with Lip Smackers is that they not only smelled good, they TASTED AH-MAYZING! Seriously they were sweet. They were just like candy. I have now gotten so nostalgic that I really feel like getting a variety pack but anyway I was trying to explain to Faris just how cool those were and what they meant but alas… try to explain something like that to a guy. So thought I’d prove to him just how popular they are by posting this.

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These were probably the number one product that every one of us owned.

With an abundance of flavours, including Coca-Cola and Watermelon (again) there was always a new one to snag at the chemist.

What was your go-to beauty product in high school? Did it make the list? Let us know in the comments below.

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