With a single click, Victoria Beckham mapped out her 11-year-old's career.

For better or worse, social media offers an immense level of power to those with a strong following behind them, something former pop star and now world-renowned fashion designer Victoria Beckham knows well.

But when the mother-of-four shared a video of her youngest son singing with her 16.8 million followers back in April of 2016, it’s unlikely she could have known that she was sowing the seed of Cruz Beckham’s career.

cruz beckham scooter braun
Mum-of-four and career maker, Victoria Beckham. Source: Getty.

Within days, though, the video amassed 3.3 million views. People really liked listening to Cruz sing.

One such person was talent agent and manager to the stars, Scooter Braun (he of Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande management fame). Fast forward to November, and Braun had officially signed a deal with the preteen, essentially guaranteeing his career as a very big deal pop star of the future.


While it's impossible to know for certain, it's likely that when Victoria first shared the video, she was simply showing off the talents of one of her kids. Or, as she more eloquently phrased it, having a #proudmummy moment.

But when you're a former Spice Girl and have the equivalent of an entire country's population tuning into your every move on social media, it's somewhat invariable that something will come from an otherwise nothing moment, isn't it?


Cue a record contract with Braun, a collaboration with Cody Simpson and public praise from Justin Bieber.

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A similar thing has happened for Victoria's oldest son, 18-year-old Brooklyn when alongside her husband David Beckham, the fashion designer began posting images of her son's photographic endeavours.

Again, it's likely that they were simply having a moment that all parents have and wanting to harmlessly boast about the talent of their offspring. But, like Cruz, the exposure led to big opportunities and within months the then 16-year-old was shooting for Burberry, working with major fashion labels and publications around the world, and sadly, receiving a tidal wave of criticism in the process.

Brooklyn was keen, and aspirational, sure. But his work? It was what you'd understandably expect from an under-trained 18-year-old.

So when you're a superstar, is exposing the interests of your kids to a worldwide audience actually a good thing? Should such moments be kept private in a bid to protect them from criticism and hate? Should such moments wait until they are old enough, and qualified enough, to step into such a role? And perhaps more importantly, shouldn't you keep it private lest they, well, you know, decide they don't, in fact, want to be pop stars later down the track?

Because really, how many of us actually went on to become astronauts and archaeologists despite the fierce belief that that was really what we were going do when we were 11 or 12? Then again, how many of our parents had the ability to get in touch with NASA and tee it up...


Worst case scenario, though, is that one day Cruz Beckham wakes up and eventually decides that no, he doesn't want to be the next Justin Bieber after all. And if that's the case, he can just make like his mum and direct his talent to something else.

Whether or not she'll be the one to kick-start the careers of 14-year-old Romeo and six-year-old Harper, we'll have to wait and see.