Where are they now? The cast of cult noughties film Coyote Ugly, 20 years later.

It’s been 20 years since Coyote Ugly first graced our screens and gee, that went quickly, didn’t it?

The noughties film about a shy, aspiring singer (played by Piper Perabo) trying to make it in New York waitressing at the infamous Coyote Ugly bar is a cult classic, and helped launch and cement the careers of fellow Coyote Ugly cast members Tyra Banks, Adam Garcia, and ‘Can’t Fight the Moonlight’ singer LeAnn Rimes.

Remember this iconic scene from Coyote Ugly? Get all the nostalgic feels below, post continues after video.

Now two decades on, Perabo says she wouldn’t rule out a Coyote Ugly sequel, but notes it’d have to be done differently in 2020.

“I think there was a real kind of stiletto feminism that was happening in the women’s movement in the late ’90s, but I was so young, and not really politically engaged, so I think if we remade it now, I think we definitely would look at it through a different lens,” the actress told

“I would be excited to look at [Coyote Ugly] again in 2020, because I think we’ve evolved and it would be cool to see what it would be like now.”

While we wait for an official sequel announcement, let’s revisit where the original cast are now in 2020.

From the one who had a child with NFL star Tom Brady while he was with Gisele Bundchen, to the one who became a judge on Dancing with the Stars, this is what they’ve been up to over the last 20 years.

Piper Perabo as Violet Sanford.

Piper Perabo. Image: Touchstone Pictures.


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Piper Perabo was one of the biggest names in Hollywood in the early noughties, catapulted into stardom in part because of her role as aspiring singer Violet in Coyote Ugly.

After the film, Perabo continued acting - in 2011, the 42-year-old was nominated for a Golden Globe for her starring role in spy series Covert Affairs, which had a five-season run until it ended in 2014.

On the big screen, she had roles in the likes of family comedies Cheaper by the Dozen (2003) and Cheaper by the Dozen 2 (2005), as well as thrillers The Prestige (2006) and Looper (2012).


More recently you can watch Perabo playing a world-famous DJ alongside Idris Elba on Netflix's Turn Up Charlie. She's also currently in the Stan TV series Penny Dreadful: City of Angels.

In September, 2018, Perabo was one of 70 arrested and charged for protesting the opening day of confirmation hearings for judge Brett Kavanaugh.

“I was just arrested for civil disobedience at the Kavanaugh hearings,” she tweeted at the time.

“Many citizens before me have fought for the equal rights of women. I can’t be silent when someone is nominated to the Supreme Court who would take our equal rights away.”

Perabo was also a big supporter of former US presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren.

Perabo has been married to director and producer Stephen Kay since 2014.

Adam Garcia as Kevin O'Donnell.

Adam Garcia. Image: Touchstone Pictures.
Adam Garcia now. Image: Getty.

Adam Garcia played Kevin in Coyote Ugly, Violet's love interest and the one that gave her the confidence to follow her dreams of being a famous singer. His strong Aussie accent didn't hurt, either.

Coyote Ugly was one of the last major movies Garcia stared in - after roles in Riding in Cars with Boys and Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen, the now-46-year-old moved into TV, starring in The Code, Britannia High and Doctor Who.

He's also been in stage shows - Garcia played the role of Fiyero in the original London production of Wicked alongside Idina Menzel - and worked as a judge on reality TV dance shows including Dancing with the Stars and Dance Boss.

Garcia married Nathalia Chubin in 2015, and the couple have one daughter together, Arya Storm Diana Garcia.

Maria Bello as Lil Lovell.

Maria Bello. Image: Touchstone Pictures.


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After playing the hard arse bar manager in Coyote Ugly, Maria Bello continued acting, staring in Prime Suspect, Touch and Goliath, The Jane Austen Book Club and The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor.

The 52-year-old actress has been nominated for a Golden Globe twice: for Best Supporting Actress in The Cooler and for Best Actress in A History of Violence.

Bello is currently staring in long-running crime drama NCIS as Jack Sloane, and has also written a book titled Whatever...Love Is Love: Questioning the Labels We Give Ourselves.

Bello came out in 2013 by penning an essay called 'Coming Out as a Modern Family' for the New York Times. In it, the actress who has a son with ex-boyfriend, TV executive Dan McDermott, wrote about embarking on a same-sex relationship with her best friend, Clare Munn, and worrying about how the news would affect her career and her son.

When she did finally tell her son, Bello wrote in the essay, he responded, "Mum, love is love, whatever you are."

Tyra Banks as Zoe.

Tyra Banks. Image: Touchstone Pictures.


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Tyra Banks first made a name for herself as one of the most successful and recognisable supermodels of the nineties.


In 2000, the now-46-year-old starred as Zoe in Coyote Ugly, and in the same year, Eve in Disney Channel's Life-Size. After Coyote Ugly, Banks had small roles in shows Gossip Girl and Glee, before creating and hosting her own modelling competition reality TV series, America's Next Top Model.

In 2004, she recorded her first single titled 'Shake Ya Body'. She also hosted her own talk show, The Tyra Banks Show, and now uses her platform to advocate for diversity in the modelling industry.

Banks dated Norwegian photographer Erik Asla from 2013 to 2017. They share a son together, York Banks Asla. She's currently seeing Canadian businessman Louis Bélanger-Martin, and has been for almost two years.

Izabella Miko as Cammie.

Izabella Miko. Image: Touchstone Pictures.


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Izabella Miko is a Polish actress, dancer, producer, and environmental activist, and is best known for her role as Cammie in Coyote Ugly.

According to the 38-year-old's Instagram profile, she's an actress, 'energiser bunny' and 'Professional Optimist' - fun fact, Miko also stared in The Killers' 'Mr Brightside' music video.

After Coyote Ugly, Miko had a lead role in Save the Last Dance 2, replacing Julia Stiles from the original film, and roles in Blue Bloods, Scorpion and Chicago Fire. She also has a sustainable candle line called EkoMiko Candles and an eco foundation called EkoMiko.

Bridget Moynahan as Rachel.

Bridget Moynahan. Image: Touchstone Pictures.


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Bridget Moynahan started her career as a model, gracing the covers of major magazines like Glamour and Vogue before playing the role of ball-busting Rachel in Coyote Ugly.

After the film, the now-47-year-old appeared as Mr. Big's wife Natasha on Sex and the City, and in films including SerendipityThe Sum of All Fears and I,Robot.

She currently plays Erin Reagan in Blue Bloods. Moynahan dated American football player Tom Brady - they have one son together, Jack. She is currently married to businessman Andrew Frankel.

LeAnn Rimes as... LeAnn Rimes.

LeAnn Rimes and Piper Perabo. Image: Touchstone Pictures.


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LeAnn Rimes' hit song 'Can't Fight The Moonlight' was the anthem of Coyote Ugly. Although she didn't have a role in the film, Rimes sang the song alongside Perabo at the end of the film.

Since 2000, Rimes has tried her hand at acting, appearing in Days of our Lives, American Dreams and Anger Management.

Rimes married backup dancer Dean Sheremet in 2002, but the couple divorced in 2009 after news of her affair with actor Eddie Cibrian made headlines. At the time, Cibrian was married to Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Brandi Glanville, whom he shares two kids with. Rimes and Cibrian married in 2011.

Have you watched Coyote Ugly? Who was your favourite character?