Hear me out: Why cottage cheese is the superior cheese.

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There is a wine and cheese platter in front of you and you're thinking this could brie as gouda as it gets. Hold my pinot.

What if I told you there was a versatile cheese that slots seamlessly into just about every meal or snack and has some good health credentials to really make it the greatest cheese of all?

Big call, yep, but cottage cheese is where it's at.  

The unsung hero.   

The adaptable friend.

Sweet. Savoury. Everything in between.

I'm here to tell you why you should always have a tub in the fridge, because it's the most versatile cheese that for some reason, doesn't have as much fanfare about it as the others. But it should. And here's why.

It's actually great for smoothies.

YUM. Image: Getty

When the post-workout refuel is needed, some cottage cheese can prove the secret ingredient in a high-protein berry smoothie with mixed berries, pomegranate juice and banana.

Yep, a smoothie. It's genius, really. Whizz up a scoop or two with some frozen fruit, a splash of juice and some skim milk for the smooth and creamy smoothie of your dreams.

Now, for the health benefits: it's high in protein and low in fat . A great option is Bulla Cottage Cheese, which is high protein, 97 per cent fat free, and made daily from fresh milk in country Victoria. 


Brekky, four ways. 

The smashed avo of my dreams. Image: Getty

It's my favourite meal of the day and when you taste scrambled eggs with cottage cheese you'll agree that it's a meal worth getting up early for. I was always gaga for a good googy, but this is next level.

Tuck in to your cottage-cheesy eggs and a piece of toasted sourdough and you might also be convinced to give up the weekend café run. A scoop or two of cottage cheese goes particularly well with the gold old smashed avo or the delicate flavours of pear, walnut and honey. See? It goes with everything.

A layered granola with cottage cheese and some juicy peaches is another winner and good for a protein kick if you have a sweet tooth or want to have a break from bread.

It's the easiest way to pimp out your lunch.

You can put as much or as little as you like on top. Image: Getty.


If you are anything like yours truly, then lunchtime is on the run, on your lap or at the desk. Or all three at once.

As soon as I find an easy way to jazz up the middle of the day options, I'm onto it. Cheese makes food taste good

Cottage cheese on crispbread with tuna, corn and avocado - aka the "desk drawer lunch" - is one of those things you can just throw together with whatever you've got from the pantry. It's simple, tasty and healthy that's quick to prepare and fills you up to get you through the afternoon slump.

Salads can be boring. But not this recipe: a zesty roast veg, beetroot and grain salad topped off with cottage cheese and dukkah. Prepare the night before for the ultimate no-fuss lunch.

It's a healthy addition to dinner.

I can't say no to a savoury tart. Image: Getty.

One of life's greatest pleasures is cheese. No dinner party - or dinner, actually - is complete without it.


It is the satisfying start, mouth-watering middle or appetising after-dinner indulgence. But it is possible to include healthier ingredients for dinner without compromising on taste.

Cooking up something special for the fam? There are so many ways to include cottage cheese in your recipe repertoire. I suggest the cottage cheese and garlic dip as the starter, with the sour cream, cottage cheese and heirloom tomato tart as entrée. The praise will flow and requests for more will follow.

The main is a chargrilled vegetable pizza – the cottage cheese dollops really make it, and there's not a greasy plate in sight.

Now, the most important meal since brekky. DESSERT.

CHEESECAKE. I live for cheesecake. Image: Getty

Baked cheesecake with cottage cheese and maple apples is my jam for dessert. Being mild in flavour and low in fat, it's a great choice if you're in the mood for baking a cheesecake.

For a tropical alternative, sticky rice with mango is a sweet, creamy and coconutty finale. 

Everyone at the dinner table will wonder how you did it.

They will marvel at your cooking prowess and they'll have had a handy protein boost with every mouthful.

I conclude: cottage cheese really is the ultimate cheese pleaser.

Give us your cottage cheese recipes, please. Comment below!

Did you know cottage cheese can be substituted for regular cheese in any meal? Sure, it’s a great stand-alone snack with crackers or vegetables, or even spread on toast as a healthy replacement for butter. However cottage cheese can also be used as an ingredient. Make your high protein smoothies healthy and creamy, or use to add the finishing touch to your salad. Many people don’t know Bulla’s cottage cheese is naturally high in protein and low in fat. The Bulla cottage cheese is still handmade in country Victoria from fresh milk delivered daily. Healthy, tasty, versatile.