We've found the best pairs of cosy shoes that feel like slippers, but don't look it.

Ask any fashion girly, and they'll tell you that winter style is superior.

The dopamine hit you get when you click purchase on an oversized scarf or a chic coat that you just know is going to pull all your outfits together is unmatched, which explains why my wardrobe looks as if I live in the Arctic instead of Australia.

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But while we all have a vast collection of knitwear, jackets and scarves, one thing we neglect to think about is our poor feet.

Yes, I know we all own countless pairs of socks to help keep our feet warm, however, what if you eliminated the middleman (socks) and bought yourself a pair of cosy shoes instead?

Let's face the facts, most of us enjoy staying firmly indoors when the weather outside is cold enough to make our arm hairs stand up. But it's not realistic to think that we'd stay inside all throughout winter.

So when we do need to dress up and face the world, having warm, comfortable shoes makes things easier. 

These days, brands are focusing on winter-appropriate shoes that are fashion-forward and look chic. Of course, nothing can top the classic UGG boot, however, if you need something you can wear to the office, I've got you covered with that too. 


If I've convinced you to get your hands on a pair of cosy shoes but you have no idea where to start, then don't fret. I've rounded up the best winter footwear for every budget, because I care about your feet and your wallet. 

Cotton On Body Platform Mule Brown, $34.99.

Image: Cotton On, The Iconic.


Kmart Round Toe Clogs, $20.

Image: Kmart.

UGG Disquette Mules, $199.99.

Image: Ugg, The Iconic.


UGG Fluff Yeah Slides, $179.99.

Image: Ugg, The Iconic.


UNIT Novel Boot, $69.99.

Image: UNIT, The Iconic.

VIVAIA Round-Toe Fluffy Patterned Mules, $157.

Image: VIVAIA.


AERE Leather Loafer Mules with Shearling Lining, $140.

Image: AERE, The Iconic.


Alias Mae Ferris Mules, $172.46.

Image: Alias Mae, The Iconic.


Billini Torbin Tan Suede-Cream, $89.95.

Image: Billini.

Seed Heritage Darcie Shearling Slide, $169.95.

Image: Seed Heritage.


Big W Wave Zone Women's Lined Clog Beige, $10

Image: Big W.


VIVAIA Square-Toe Wedge Mules, $171.

Image: VIVAIA.


Sussan Parfait Pink Double Strap Slipper, $19.95.

Image: Sussan.

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