The perfect Christmas present for the jerks in your life: a coriander gift box.

Christmas is a time for giving…

…overpriced, under-thought, last-minute gifts to people you only see a couple of times a year on holidays that use to have something to do with Jesus.

But this year could be different. This year could be the one where you plan ahead, and give someone in your life something they truly deserve.

Like a coriander-containing gift box.

It’s called ‘The Grinch’, it’s by Aussie company Dessert Boxes, and it’s the perfect way to ruin Christmas for your haters, your trolls, you not-so-loved ones, Linda from work, the neighbour who keeps putting their rubbish in your wheelie bin – basically anyone who gets your stocking in a wad.

The $29.99 package features a fresh bunch of The Devil’s Herb, and also ‘flips off’ the recipient via a hand-shaped doughnut.

Ho bloody ho. Image: Dessert Box.

The proximity of something so delicious to something so vile, is perhaps the most insulting part of all. The noxious odour will have seeped into the dough, thereby ruining the world's best snack for the recipient forever. And ever.


Oh, and there's also a couple of plain ol' mini candy canes, which is seems strangely nice given everything else going on in there.

But hey, it's Christmas.