“Peeling potatoes = cardio.” Every life lesson we learned from Netflix’s Cooking with Paris.

PSA: We have the pandemic to thank for something. 

...It's rich people learning how to cook, as a hobby

When COVID-19 first hit, while many of us were locked indoors with crying babies and not-so-much as a balcony to get fresh air, there were celebrities and socialites getting acquainted with their far-too-big kitchens, and this past week, we got a little reward from it too.

It's Paris Hilton.

Watch the trailer for Cooking with Paris on Netflix. Post continues below.

Video via Netflix.

She's made a return to pop culture, and it's iconic. 

Let us introduce you all to a little something called: Cooking with Paris: it's on Netflix, and it's just what you need. 

The concept is pretty simple: Hilton cooks up a different meal each episode for her friends.

"I love cooking, but I’m not a trained chef and I'm not trying to be," she says in the opening of her show.

"I have a few go-to dishes; nachos, jello shots, lasagne, but I want to mix it up.

"I found some brand new recipes and I'm inviting my friends over to test them out."

It's messy, and it's loaded with stars like Kim Kardashian, Demi Lovato and Saweetie, to name a few. 

But even more than that: it's insightful. We get to learn a whole bunch of things about life and the kitchen alongside Paris Hilton, and we really wanted to share them with you.

Here are seven very important life lessons we learned from Cooking with Paris.

1. This is a whisk.

A whisk. Oh, and this is a blender.


For blending purposes. 

They're intended for more than one use, but they're tricky things. Paris gets through a few blenders over the course of six episodes.

A 'tong'? This of course. 

A tong. A.K.A. tongs.  Also, apparently lemon zest isn't so common in celeb land, as Paris Hilton and Demi Lovato can attest. 


Have it on the record: lemon zest comes from the rind of a lemon - or yellow peel. When a recipe includes zest, you can grate the outside of a lemon like you might a chunk of parmesan. 

So glad we could get that established.

2. Always have a back-up plan.

Cooking is hard on the best of days. 

But when you're cooking a whole turkey or serving up filet mignon as a relative beginner; mistakes are inevitable. 

Thankfully, Paris has a solution. The trusty back-up plan.

In episode four, Paris is joined by Demi Lovato, who is about the only person as inexperienced in the kitchen as Hilton, for Italian night. 

And really, it's somewhat of a miracle that it's the first and only back-up plan of the series. 

The pair tried and failed at hand-making "red heart ravioli", so Paris grabbed some store-bought ravioli from the fridge which is very relatable content, thank you so much.

"Always have a back-up. It still counts."

3. Peeling potatoes = cardio.

We don't talk about the physical toll of cooking enough. 

"This is literally like a workout," Paris said of peeling potatoes. 

"I used to think shopping was my cardio, but cooking is my cardio."

Producer's suggested Hilton might need to change into more appropriate clothes, so she ducked off to change into a matching velvet tracksuit. 

On that:

4. "Cook in style".

Paris values fashion. That much is very clear. 


But there's a fine line between a fashion statement and a cooking disaster. 

Like when, on 'Taco night' while dressed is a very western-fringed leather jacket, Hilton's tassles get dragged through funfetti cake batter.

"This is not a very good outfit to cook in," she points out. 

"Nothing I wear is, really."

3. Wear sunglasses when chopping onions.

“Wear sunglasses when chopping onions so your eyes don’t burn. And to look hot,” Paris says when cooking dinner with her mother and sister.

Does this hack really work? Well, we don't know about preventing eye burn, but they do look pretty good. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

Image: Netflix. 5. Theme nights are always a good idea.

No matter what's going down in Hilton's kitchen, the dining room is a sight to behold. 

Over the course of six episodes Paris themes her dinners with diamonds, 'breakfast in the clouds', Mexican and Italian nights and transforms her home into a 50s diner restaurant.

Oh, and how could we forget her holiday feast with Chanel, Gucci and Louis Vuitton finishing touches?

Yes, this is Paris' dog on the dinner table... Eating straight from the Louis Vuitton-themed Christmas turkey.


Up your party game and theme dinners to suit your cuisine. 

It's a significant change.

7. Edible glitter. That's all.

Last, and most importantly, edible glitter goes with everything. 

Sweet or savoury: Paris doesn't mind. And neither should you. Just toss a bit of glitter (or edible gold!) over your roast veggies for some sparkle. 

What have you learned from Paris Hilton? (It's obviously lots, so tell us in the comments.)

Feature Image: Netflix.

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