Constance Hall was attempting a lift behind-the-scenes of DWTS. Then she peed herself.


This week Constance Hall attempted the impossible.

After just a few weeks of training, the 35-year-old performed a lift live on air with her Dancing with the Stars dance partner, Gustavo Viglio.

“[The lift] was actually amazing and I thought the judges were really dismissive of it,” she told Mamamia. “I was the kind of kid who couldn’t even do a handstand or a somersault, so the fact that I did a backflip was amazing.”

Although the lift itself was pretty damn impressive, it’s the story behind the lift that has women all over Australia saying, “Yep, been there”.

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You see, just before the dress rehearsal Constance peed her pants.

“We had five minutes to just run over the lift before we went out on stage to do the dress rehearsal,” she explained. “So we quickly did the lift and I don’t know whether it was because my bladder was full, and it hadn’t been full in the previous times we’d done it, but I just had a leak.”

“I just felt it all coming out while I was landing, so I raced to the toilet.”

The mum-of-seven said she told Gustavo she’d hurt her hip and fake limped her way to the bathroom. Once she reached the bathroom she called her husband, Denim.

“When I got to the toilet I just cleaned myself up, which is impossible when you’ve just wet your undies,” she said. “I called my husband while I was on the toilet and he said ‘What do you need, clean undies?’And I said ‘I don’t know what I need, I just need you to calm me down’.”

Constance then decided to go back out and tell Gustavo the truth. Her 27-year-old dance partner laughed and explained that his mum used to pee her pants a lot so he understood.



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Without any other options, Constance went ahead and performed the lift at the dress rehearsal, wet patch and all.

“But do you know what? If I can’t have dry undies and the lift… I’m choosing the lift,” she later explained in an Instagram post.

“I didn’t practice all week to have a little wet patch take this away from me.”

Constance is down to the bottom six in Dancing with the Stars. Next Monday she’ll compete against Samuel Johnson, Courtney Act, Curtly Ambrose, Jett Kenny and Jimmy Rees.