'My Kitchen Rules' judge shoots kangaroos. Gets jumped on.

No-one else thought it was fun.

My Kitchen Rules judge Colin Fassnidge seemed to forget he was slightly famous for a moment when he spammed his 21,600 Instagram followers with graphic images of dead animals.

The 42-year-old posted six photos from a late night hunting trip with a friend. One with some bullets, one with a gun, and four more with kangaroos he just shot and killed.

Colin Fassnidge in My Kitchen Rules. Probably contemplating his next hunting trip.

The photos are a bizarre feature on his Instagram feed, which is usually filled with non-offensive photos of his children and some tasty-looking food.

We’re not going to post the graphic photos. If you feel so inclined, you can view them by clicking here.

Instead, we thought we’d show you some not-so-gruesome shots of Colin Fassnidge (Post continues after gallery):

Commenters were quick to call out Fassnidge’s posts, which were then deleted. A radio interview this morning called for Fassnidge to be fired, as the President of the Australian Society for Kangaroos, Nikki Sutterby, spoke to 3AW about the controversy.

“It’s obvious that he thinks that’s a cool thing to do as part of being a chef,” she said.

One of the photos posted to Colin’s Instagram, then deleted. Image via Instagram.

“I can understand why this has upset a lot of people. We see this sort of stuff all the time in the work we do.

“I think this guy obviously needs to be condemned because he has no connection to the animal. There’s absolutely no respect for that animal and how it suffered and how its family has now been blown apart.”

A photo of bullets used during the hunt. Image via Instagram.

Fassnidge has yet to comment on his hunting ways, but since he uploads an average of five Instagram posts a day, we’re guessing an apology selfie isn’t too far off.

Are you upset by the idea of killing kangaroos?

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