Coles Little Shop obsessives: A limited edition collectable has been released and MY GOD.

As it turns out, there’s nothing little about Coles Little Shop.

In fact, it’s a phenomenon that’s become larger than life, with families all over the country becoming obsessed with collecting the mini plastic collectables that come free for every $30 you spend with the retailer.

Admittedly, they are cute, and it’s easy to see why the nation is consumed with them – setting up “buy/swap” pages and selling full sets on the internet for in excess of $1000.

Now, the completely unnecessary but totally adorable items are even more valuable, as Coles has announced that 700 limited edition mini red hands (modelled on the ‘iconic’ Coles “Down down” discount hand) are still available; meaning they haven’t been found by customers.

They have been the most coveted item because, much like a Wonka’s golden ticket, those who are lucky enough to find one also will receive a $100  store gift card.

(Which no doubt would be spent on buying more stuff to get more minis from the Little Shop.)


Coles confirmed 1000 mini red hands were released when the campaign launched last month, and this week, a new ad has revealed there are still 700 left.

It is the most exciting news since…well, the launch of the Little Shop itself.

Last weekend, chaos reigned on The Coles Little Shop Swap Day, which was held at various stores around the country, as an opportunity for people to find the missing items from their sets.

The promotion of the 30 collectable minis finishes at the end of August. At which times families will be able to relax… until the next promotion, anyway.

* Featured image via @andypingo.